2 Rivers Bar & Grill revamps summer menu with amazing new dishes

Washougal, WA – 2 Rivers Bar and Grill has completely revamped their summer menu, which includes great small plates, pastas, entrees, and greens. Chef Max Whitmore, under the guidance of owner Michelle Ford, has worked with his team to create delicious dining options that will please your palate and ensure many returns.

“I closed the restaurant for a month to rethink how we did everything; we made things happen,” Ford said. “We are committed to being part of this great community.”

Whitmore was the chef at 360 Pizzeria and he brought several new ideas to 2 Rivers.

Lacamas Magazine tasted several dishes, all of which had a new twist on traditional cuisine, as well as some good surprises.

Small plates

2 Rivières offers you 10 starters to taste alone or to share. You can even order several and have a fun night out with small plates. I had the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, Clam Chowder and Charred Carrots.

The shrimp plate is served in a bowl, can almost be eaten like a soup and has a bit of a bite to it. Once you’re done eating the delicious prawns, you can soak up the gravy broth with the grilled baguette that completes the plate.

The clam chowder comes with fresh clams, bacon lardons and jalapeño, and it was a surprising and different take on a traditional chowder. We will go back and have it again for sure.

Loving the vegetables, I had to have the charred carrots, which come with whipped cream, spicy green sauce and nuts. Delicious!


2 Rivers has five pasta options, of which I sampled the Fennel Sausage Ragu.

Fennel Sausage Stew is beautifully presented with homemade fennel sausage, roasted red peppers, fettuccini, oregano and Parmesan. There’s enough deliciousness on this plate to share.

Stew and Fried Chicken.


Six new entree options are available, and I sampled the fried chicken, which is served with cheddar-jalapeño cornbread, topped with collard greens and guajilo honey. It’s comfort food.

I also sampled the Cast Iron Flank Steak, which came with horseradish yogurt, roasted beets, fresh herbs and olive oil. The meat is prepared to perfection.

They also offer a full bar with an assortment of wines, beers, and specialty cocktails.

Located at 1700 Main Street in the heart of downtown Washougal at Washougal Town Square, 2 Rivers opens at 2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. They close at 8 p.m. from Tuesday to Thursday and at 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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