7 items to bring out a rainbow on your daily menu

In terms of gastronomy, everything is a question of aesthetics. Legend has it that the size of your burp is determined by the visual quality of your food.

Now one way to make your daily larvae look attractive is to add more color. Whether you eat them raw or cooked, colorful foods could always make you happy.

Onmanorama lists seven fruits and vegetables that could bring a rainbow to your daily plate:


Stir it up, make it into a salad, marinate or simmer it – this antioxidant-rich vegetable is something great to bet on your grocery store. Crispy and sweet sprouts can make your dish feel fresh while making it shiny and colorful.

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Black plums, commonly known as Java plums or Jamun in India, arouse a sense of nostalgia in children of the 90s. A fruit that was once easily found in most backyards has now risen through the ranks to become a favorite of street vendors. It is also important in the dried fruit market.

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Apparently blueberries are so high in antioxidants that one day Sheldon Cooper wondered if he “would run out of oxidants” if he ate blueberry pie. There is, however, some truth in the first part. Blueberries are an antioxidant superfood. The phytochemicals in the fruit, which give it its beautiful color, are known for their protective properties and can help fight a range of diseases.

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Bok choy or pak choi might be one of the easiest leafy vegetables to prepare. Cooking barely takes 2-3 minutes. Bok choy can be sautéed just with oil, salt and pepper for a minimal version. The vegetable can bring green to most Asian cuisines. If you’re a fan of ramen or instant noodles, it would always help to keep a bunch of bok choy in your fridge.

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Zucchini, also known as zucchini, are truly a blessing on earth. It wouldn’t burn a hole in your pockets, but helps make any dish look classy. It can be declined as a simple plate in a grilled version or as a demanding ratatouille. Zucchini are very low in calories, making them a perfect side dish for a diet.

Fun fact – although they appear and taste like a vegetable, zucchini is fruit.

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This orange root has become so popular that it has found its place in kitchens around the world. Being such a widely used root vegetable has made it one of the inexpensive options available in the local market. Eat raw, cooked or sautéed, carrots are always a healthy choice to add to your daily menu.

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Red is a very appetizing shade which makes it one of the most common. There are many red fruits, which makes them almost synonymous with “ripe”. However, for your daily dietary needs, an easiest red option to choose would be apples, regardless of the cliché. They’re filling, they’re tasty, and are comparatively diabetic-friendly. Do you need more reasons to include them in your daily diet?

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