Airline Industry Wows Customers With Improved, Healthier Menu Options

United States Press Group – The airline industry plans an industry-wide return profitability in 2023and full recovery in 2024. Along the way, the world’s largest airlines have been rethinking the in-flight experiencein particular by adding more meatless options to their menus. Among the airlines that have added options are Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE:ALK), Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE: DAL), Onex Corporation (TSX:ONEX) (OTC:ONEXF) subsidiary WestJetand more recently International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (OTC:ICAGY) (OTC:BABWF) subsidiary British Airwayswho started offering a new mix of high-protein snacks from new Pangea Natural Foods (CSE:PNGA) (OTC:PNGAF) based in Vancouver, Canada.

“Food is one of the most tangible signals of what an airline thinks of its customers,” said former airline executive Henry Harteveldt, founder of a travel consulting firm Atmospheric Research Group.

Customers of International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (OTC:ICAGY) (OTC:BABWF) subsidiary British Airwayswill now have a new snack option that goes beyond the cliche bag of peanuts or pretzels. British Airways did the same as Air Canada bring the new Snack mix of Pangea Natural Foods (CSE:PNGA) (OTC:PNGAF), which is packed with non-GMO superfoods including dried cranberries, yogurt chips, roasted cashews, almonds and pumpkins.

“We are delighted to be working with one of the world’s leading airlines to introduce the Pangea Munchie Mix to British Airways’ fleet of aircraft.” said pangea CEO Pratap Sandhu, “Whether a traveler is waiting in an airport lounge or on a long-haul international flight, Munchie Mix is ​​a healthy, high-protein mix that will solve a passenger’s snack cravings.”

Adding to British Airways fleet, which is expected to perform more than 120,000 flights during the winter season, is another victory for pangea after already being added to from Air Canada scheduled passenger service that flies directly to 51 Canadian airports, 46 destinations in the United States and 67 airports in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and flies up to 438 daily flights between Canada and the United States only. With British Airways, pangea snacks will now be available across their fleet of over 230 aircraft, serving 13 domestic destinations in the UK and 192 international destinations in 76 countries.

By the year of the expected recovery of the industry in 2024, the global inflight catering services market alone is expected to reach $21.5 billion.

pangea manufactures Munchie Mix, as well as its plant-based pâtés and old-fashioned ghee at its Vancouver Lower Mainland plant, which has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the United States Food and Drug Administration -United.

Before being added to a pair of major airlines, pangea was busy establishing its other products, (Pangea vegetable patties and Old fashioned ghee) through their online website and in more than 250 points of sale in Canada and the United States.

from Air Canada Canada’s biggest competitor WestJet has been acquired in 2019 speak Onex Corporation (TSX:ONEX) (OTC:ONEXF), before the hit the industry took after 2020. While the airline has done a lot lately to impress a new generation of travellers, including announcing gender neutral uniformsnot everyone is impressed with their menus when they are introduced in 2020.

Apparently WestJet the menu was too vegan for some of its customers, as the new menus offered healthy vegan options such as vegetable fritters, Waldorf and Greek sales, as well as Korean cauliflower, but meat-eating customers caught on Twitter to evacuate what they perceived as a lack of animal products.

Despite the complaints, WestJet held firm to satisfy all the tastes of its customers, offering options to economy class passengers as a breakfast with vegetarian sausages and baked beans, as well as vegetarian penne pasta and Thai green curry with chicken pieces. For business cabin flights, the carrier also offers special meals such as an all-vegan meal, as well as Kosher, Muslim and Hindu meals, as well as a gluten-intolerant meal.

Two of WestJet airline partners are Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE:ALK) and Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL), both of which have significantly improved their meatless offerings.

Back in March, Delta introduces five new meatless meals to its in-flight menu, and drawn from the expertise of impossible foods– who is himself should be released sooneither through a traditional IPO or a SPAC merger.

For context, Delta flies 200 million people a year, making the new dishes available on select flights that travel 900 miles or more.

“Not only are plant-based meats like Impossible™ Burger delicious to eat, they’re also often better for the environment, using far less land and water to produce,” said Kristen Manion Taylor, SVP – Inflight Service for Delta. “These new options are part of Delta’s broader mission to promote wellness-focused travel.

In the same way impossible foodsthe airline also requested assistance from Food for black sheep to offer vegetable “lamb” meatballs, while offering its own cauliflower pancakes, and a plate of hot seasonal vegetables.

For Alaska Airlinesthey celebrated summer with a new vegan in-flight meal dubbed “Soy meets the worldwhich was a summer vegetable salad topped with fried tofu, made in Partnership with a company based on the west coast, Evergreens.

“We are excited to offer our customers healthier and nutritious choices when they travel with us,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, Alaskan Airlines’ Managing Director of Guest Products. “We thoughtfully designed our menu to offer more plant-based, vegan and gluten-free options, which include a range of fresh and bright West Coast-inspired flavors and authentically healthy-by-nature ingredients such as broccoli. roast, crispy romaine and baby lettuce, quinoa, fresh fruit and more.

According to the company’s statement, Alaska Airline offers “the industry’s most comprehensive national food and beverage program, offering three first-class dining options, including their signature Fruit & Cheese on flights as short as 550 miles.”

The trend of improved in-flight menus is likely to continue as improved food improves the carrier’s image and perception of customer service. As airlines continue to recover from the financial impacts of the pandemic, they will likely also seek to woo higher paying customers into the first and business class sections.

Because of “the incentive to gain those premium class passengers, the incentive to spend more money [on food] is high,” said Steve Walsh, a partner at management consulting firm Oliver Wyman in its transportation and services practice in a interview with CNBC.

However, for those looking for fresher natural foods, it is difficult for airlines to secure them. Green vegetables and salads are among the most difficult dishes to serve on board. So count on carriers to bring more hot meals with grains, plus upgraded snack options along the way.

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