Burger King Will Be Removing Several Menu Items Soon – Eat This, Not That

With declining sales and longer drive-thru wait times, Burger King decided to take a more drastic approach to righting the ship. The popular burger chain will be dropping several menu items in an effort to simplify and streamline operations.

It’s a tactic many fast food brands have used during the pandemic to ease the growing pressure on their kitchen staff and drive-thru. McDonald’s, for example, cut breakfast all day, while Taco Bell’s pulling a dozen items at a time seemed especially heavy. But these chains ended up taking advantage of the simplifications of their menus, whether increasing sales or faster service times, and Burger King has clearly taken note of that.

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According to USA todayJose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International, owner of Burger King, said the chain’s drive-thru times have dramatically decreased and the chain will cut down on the menu in order to start service faster.

“We’re working on eliminating the SKUs that – we’re simplifying the processes that have gotten a little too complicated in terms of sandwich constructions, and doing a better job in terms of menu design to make it easier for the customer, at the same time. flying -through in particular, to make faster decisions, ”he told the Morgan Stanley Global Consumer and Retail Conference this week. It remains to be seen which articles will be honored in the coming weeks.

The latest move comes after the chain reported disappointing sales in the last two quarters of earnings. In the second quarter, same-store domestic sales of Burger King increased by 3.1% compared to the same period in 2019, but that was a disappointing measure compared to its biggest competitor McDonald’s, which increased its sales by 15%. Burger King’s third quarter results showed a decrease in sales of 2.8% compared to the same period in 2019, which the chain attributed, in part, to its new releases and underperforming value offerings.

Not to mention, Burger King has lost its place as the second-largest burger chain in the United States in terms of system-wide sales at Wendy’s, the square competitor having won the King in 2020.

In August, Burger King said it was planning several major changes to win back customers, including a fully integrated digital experience, modernized restaurants and a better, more vibrant menu. Hopefully the new menu cuts will make room for a fresh start for Burger King.

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