Celebrate the year of the rooster with our 3 favorite rice dishes

While on January 28 inaugurates the Chinese New Year, other East Asian cultures continue to celebrate the dawn of the Year of the Rooster until mid-February. You don’t know how to continue your tasty festivities? Rice, a universal symbol of the link between heaven and earth, crosses cultures. Here are some of our favorite New Years rice dishes and where to try them.

Korean Tteokguk

This flat, chewy rice cake soup in rich beef broth is a perfect comfort food this time of year, whether you’re celebrating or not. Head to yellow residential housing A little Seoul for real home cooking.

Vietnamese Banh Tet

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, has a sticky rice cake all its own. The dish – banana leaves wrapped around sweet sticky rice filled with mung beans or pork – pops up on many Alief counters this time of year, but Gio Lua Duc Long specializes in cold cuts that fill buns, so expect quality inside and out.

Japanese Kagami Mochi

Nippan Daido offers a treasure trove of delicacies from the land of the rising sun. So it’s no surprise that they get their sweet, delicate mochi kagami (mirror rice cake, for its shiny exterior) from Japan. Display yours the traditional way by covering a large, fluffy rice cake with a smaller one, for a creation that resembles a decadent edible snowman.

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