Chef Harsh Dixit offers a menu of Thai-inspired noodle bowls at Nara Thai this month

Who doesn’t love a comforting bowl of noodles – especially in the rain?

But did you get the bowls with a twist?

Try Nara Thai’s Thai-inspired noodle bowls, a range of delicious dishes prepared exclusively in collaboration with Chef Harsh Dixit. Personal chef to Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Chef Dixit is known for his elegant cooking style.

The aromatic menu, which is sure to transport you to another dimension, will include a bowl of Tom Kha & Tantanmen noodles. Made with homemade rice noodles, tom kha broth, boiled eggs, and a blend of Thai herbs and chili oil, this bowl can be ordered with chicken or pork. The Sweet Corn Crab Noodle Bowl, inspired by good old sweet corn soup, is served with homemade rice noodles, tom kha broth, corn and chili wonton, crab meat and a crispy crab stick. The crunch of the crab stick mixed with the heat of chillies and the sweetness of corn, leaves your palate with an exciting aftertaste.

The Tom Yum Vegan Noodle Bowl takes a step in the creative direction with homemade rice noodles, tom yum broth, crispy tofu and bean sprouts, and is topped with peanut powder, a mix of Thai herbs and chilli oil. This one-of-a-kind vegan ramen bowl is loaded with flavor and lets you experience the umami nature of Asian cuisine.

For dessert, there’s a deliciously sweet option – the hot and cold noodle bowl with peaches and cream. This bowl features crispy rice noodles, chewy coconut ice cream, and chili salt, all topped with peach slices for garnish. To add to the overall texture and creaminess, they add a Peaches & Pandan cream. This textured bowl is a healthy way to end your feast.

Comforting noodle dishes are an indulgence and extravagance that will tickle all your taste buds at once.


Where: Available for dinner and delivery at BKC and Colaba outlets

Price: Rs 650 and more

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