Complete guide to a lip-smacking Halloween menu

Planning on throwing a Halloween party but not sure what to serve? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. FPJ invites chefs to share recipes you can whip up easily in your kitchen and wow your friends with your cooking skills.

You don’t have to be a cooking pro for these. In addition to main dishes and appetizers, there are also cocktails to get the party started.

Halloween Smash

Ingredients: 60 ml of Whiskey, 20 ml of Cinnamon Cordial, 8 to 10 leaves of Fresh Mint, and 15 ml of Lemon Juice.

Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker. Make sure the shaker is completely filled with ice. Shake for 30 seconds. Strain it into a glass filled with ice. Decorate it with orange slices.

(PS: The more ice cubes the less dilution and the better the flavors in a cocktail)

(Recipe by Vekesh Shetty, in-house mixologist, Cocktails and Dreams, Mumbai)

death by chocolate

Ingredients: 1 mud cake (available on the market), 10 g chocolate sauce, 30 g almond crumble, 10 g strawberry, 10 g red currant, 5 g raisins and 20 g whipped cream.

Method: Cut the mud cake in half. Pipe the bottom of the cake with the whipped cream and keep the top on. Wrap the cake with the acetate sheet or the butter paper, hold it with the adhesive tape. Arrange the apple crumble on the plate as shown in the photo. Garnish the plate with cherries, mice (if you have any) and grapes. Warm the chocolate sauce in the microwave. Served with a hot chocolate sauce.

(Recipe by Rahul Khare, Corporate Executive Chef, The Finch)

Halloween Eyeball Spaghetti

Ingredients: 475g spaghetti, cooked until al dente, 1 red chilli (sliced ​​and sautéed), 1 large onion (sliced ​​and sautéed), 425g tomatoes (canned and chopped, with liquid) , 6 garlic cloves, 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 4 tsp dried basil, salt to taste, ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper and ½ tsp red pepper flakes.

For the eyeballs: 4 cheese cubes, 8 black olives, sliced.

Method: In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat and add the chopped fresh garlic. Sauté until the garlic turns light brown. Add the tomatoes with the juice. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer. Add basil, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Let simmer for an hour. Stir occasionally and adjust seasoning to taste. (If the sauce starts to dry out, add a little water). Once the sauce is cooked, add the sautéed vegetables. Mix well. Lightly mix the sauce with the pasta.

For the eyeballs, cut the cheese into a round shape and place it on the pasta. Put the pasta in the microwave so that the cheese melts a little. Remove from the microwave and place the sliced ​​black olives over the melted cheese.

(Note: Al dente refers to the desired texture of cooked pasta in Italian cuisine. It literally means “to the tooth”. When pasta is cooked al dente, there should be a slight resistance in the center when the pasta is chewed. )

(Recipe by chef Reetu U. Kugaji, culinary expert and consultant chef)

dragon’s blood

Ingredients: 60ml Cachaça Rum, 1 fresh red dragon fruit, 30ml Monin blood orange syrup, 15ml apple cider vinegar and 4 pieces of fresh raspberries.

Method: Put all the ingredients in a blender with add ice of your choice. Blend it for 30 seconds. Serve in a stemmed glass and garnish with a slice of dragon fruit and a raspberry.

(PS: make sure the dragon fruit is red from inside for best flavor)

(Recipe by Vekesh Shetty, in-house mixologist, Cocktails and Dreams, Mumbai)

Southeast Pumpkin and Vegetable Stew Recipe

It’s stew season! This comforting, nutritious and easy-to-prepare dish is a healthy meal on its own and a great option for all vegetarians. Roasted pumpkin pieces are combined with seasonal vegetables and ingredients like peanuts, garlic, ginger, paprika, etc., giving it a spicy, nutty flavor and lots of texture. The stew will warm your soul with its explosion of flavors and the right balance of spice, salty and sweet.

Ingredients: 8 leaves, 3 cups loosely packed lacinato kale, 3 cups broccoli florets, small, 1/2 cup cilantro, leaves, 4 cloves garlic, 2 tbsp. ginger, fresh root, 1/2 cup peanuts, dry roasted unsalted, 1 red onion, large, 3 green onions, 2 sweet potatoes (about 1 3/4 pounds), medium, 300 g roasted, pumpkin thickly diced, 1 Thai chili pepper, small, 1 can 15-16 oz No salt added tomatoes with juice.

Condiments – 1/2 cup almond butter, smooth

Baking and spices – 1/2 tsp black pepper, freshly ground, 1/2 tsp sea salt, fine

Oils and vinegars – 1 1/2 tablespoon olive oil, extra-virgin

Liquids – 3 cups of water

Method: Pour the oil into a soup pot over medium heat. Stir in onion and garlic; cook until onion is lightly browned, 4 to 6 minutes. Add the sweet potatoes, pumpkins and tomatoes and their juice, the ginger (add more if you want the dish to be spicier) and the 3 cups of water. Boil slowly, then reduce heat so water is just bubbling; cover and cook until sweet potatoes are almost tender, 12 to 15 minutes. Add broccoli and chili (or chilies, if you want the dish to be spicier). Slowly stir in the almond butter until it melts into the broth. Cover and cook until the broccoli loses some firmness, a few minutes. Stir in kale and cook, uncovered, until wilted and all vegetables are just tender but not mushy, 5 minutes. Add a little more water if needed for a moist but not soupy consistency. Stir in cilantro, salt and pepper. Taste, and adjust the seasoning if necessary. Serve in bowls over rice. If desired, top each serving with peanuts and/or green onions.

Thai curry dumplings


Pasta dough -360 g semolina flour, 360 g plain flour, 5 g salt, 4 eggs, 47.25 ml olive oil

Padding- 60 g butter, 400 g pumpkin, 240 g cream, 0.5 bay leaf, 15 g sage, 18 g sage, 5 g thyme, 3 eggs, 5 g salt, 5 g black pepper , 30 g gorgonzola, 50 g onion, 10 g thyme, 30 g cream, 20 g butter, 50 g Thai red curry, 100 ml coconut milk

Method- Start by making the pasta dough by mixing the flours with the eggs, salt and olive oil. Kneading the dough well is important for pasta and dough and then it should be stored in the refrigerator. In another tray, peel the pumpkin skins and cut them into small cubes, spread them in the tray and add oil, salt, pepper, thyme and garlic and roast them until until they become tender. Take it out, crush it and set aside. In a separate pan, heat olive oil and add bay leaf, chop the onion. Sauté it and add the pumpkin mixture. Season it and let it sit to cool. Take out the pasta dough and start rolling for the ravioli sheet, stuff the pumpkin mixture and shape as desired. Blanch it and set aside. Cook the red curry with coconut milk in the traditional Thai style and add the blanched dumplings. Serve hot.

(Recipe by Manoj Kumar Pandey, Chef Partner, The Piano Man)

Cocktail recipe

Ingredients: Pink Pepper Gin – 50ml, Watermelon Syrup – 25ml, Sparkling Wine – 25ml, Sepoy Indian Tonic Water – 50ml, Garnish – Edible Flower

Method: Fill the glass with ice cubes. Add gin to it. Add the syrup and mix well. Top up with sparkling wine and then tonic. Garnish with edible flower

(Recipe by Jitender Semwal, Head Bartender, Andaz Delhi)

Black widow burger with smoked bacon and cheese

Ingredients: 180g fresh ground beef, 1 tbsp butter, salt and freshly ground black pepper, charcoal hamburger bun, 4 slices crispy bacon, 3 slices yellow cheddar cheese, 8 slices tomatoes, 2g rosemary , 15 g glazed mustard and onion mayo, chipotle mayo for dipping, lolo rosso lettuce.

Method: Shape the ground meat into 2 patties of equal size. You want your patties to weigh around 90g each. Sprinkle the outside of the patties with salt and pepper. Melt your butter in a cast iron skillet. You’re going to be on medium-high heat, so expect some smoke and spitting. Don’t forget to turn on your fan. Once the pan is hot, add the patties. Cook 4 minutes. Flip the patties and cook an additional 5 to 6 minutes for medium-rare. Cook longer for desired temperature. Don’t move around and smash the burgers. At this point, add your crispy bacon to the wine-glazed onions and the cheese to melt it. Grill the charcoal burger bun and spread the butter on the surface, then spread the mustard mayonnaise on both sides, then place the sequential lettuce and place 4 slices of tomatoes, place your cheese tenderloin patty, then apply the same method in second step, close the burger bun heyyyy your black widow burger is ready. Serve with fries and chipotle mayonnaise!

(Recipe by Gunjit Singh Chawla, Corporate Chef – Independence Brewing Co IBC)

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