Domino’s fans were ‘shaken’ by a menu item with more calories than three slices of pizza

The move by takeaways and restaurants to add calories to their menu as part of the government’s strategy to tackle obesity has been controversial. But ultimately, the goal is for people to make more informed and healthier choices when it comes to feasting on weekends or dining out.

But ex-Love Island star Paige Turley broke hearts on Twitter after highlighting the calorie count in a fan-favorite item that ends up in almost every Dominos order.

The iconic garlic and herb sauce accompanies most pizzas, but customers can opt to buy a large pot to share that “for four” for £1.69. But foodies were stunned to find that they contain more calories than three slices of pizza.

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Paige, who is also known for being singer Lewis Capaldi’s ex, wrote on Twitter: “SHOOK that big tub of Dominos Garlic & Herb Sauce is 675 calories. Tub. Of sauce. 675 kcal!! I drink it like soup.

Fans of the pizza chain were left gobsmacked after rechecking the menu, with Becky Osmann replying: “Putting calories on takeout spoiled the fun. I mean, I knew they weren’t healthy, but that’s just ridiculous.

Domino’s Garlic and Herb Sauce is a menu staple

@Izzyyrihall added: “I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.”

@Matt08321112 pointed out that the figure is more than eating three slices of one of the large Dominoes pizzas, with the original cheese and tomato weighing in at 2171 calories and Meateor at 2742 calories.

But others were undeterred from ordering the dip again, with Kayleigh Foster commenting: “This news had the potential to ruin my day, but I made peace with it pretty quickly as it’s worth every calorie. “

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The lowest calorie menu item on the Dominos website is potato wedges at 237, and while Meateor may be the highest calorie menu item to order, adding a stuffed crust could adding nearly 500 calories to any pizza – plus up to £3 to your bill.

But it’s not all bad news, in fact takeout fans were thrilled last week when the chain have confirmed the return of their half and half pizzas – perfect for sharing.

The fan-favorite pizza was taken off the menu during the pandemic due to staff shortages, but is slowly being rolled out to a number of stores/

Domino’s told Manchester Evening News: “Yes the rumors are true, some stores across the UK now have Half & Half back on the menu. Customers should check their local store online or via the app to find out if it is available to them.

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