Donatos Expands Menu With NEW Plant-Based Pepperoni In Partnership With Field Roast ™

Columbus, Ohio, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Donatos, the # 1 premium pizza brand nationwide, is ready to help customers with a very achievable New Years resolution: Eat more veggies. The family-owned pizza brand has announced that it will launch plant-based pepperoni in partnership with Field Roast ™ at nearly 170 locations in Donatos from January 1st, just in time for the New Year.

Field Roast ™ Plant Based Pepperoni is authentically made from pea protein and traditional Italian seasonings, such as garlic, black pepper, fennel, anise, cayenne pepper and paprika. , and offers the same irresistible taste of traditional pepperoni. The savory topping contains 50 percent less sodium, fat and saturated fat compared to traditional pepperoni, made from a protein blend of peas, potatoes and beans with the same amount of protein than traditional pepperoni. The new Field Roast ™ Plant-Based Pepperoni pairs perfectly with the golden, crispy, Donatos fan-favorite cauliflower crust, making it a must-have new menu item that is guilt-free and delivers the taste of pepperoni traditional.

“There’s no better time to introduce plant-based pepperoni to our menu, especially at the start of a New Year when many people decide to make smarter food choices,” said Carol Pasquariello, senior vice president of marketing for Donatos. “We have a really special way of making our signature pizzas, and the new Field Roast ™ Plant-Based Pepperoni on our Cauliflower Crust will give even more people, from vegetarians to flexitarians, a reason to taste this magic. for themselves and to fall in love with us like so many others. While this addition is a delicious alternative to our traditional pepperoni topping, it absolutely goes hand in hand in flavor and substance, and we can’t wait for people to try it. ”

The final item on the menu is a first collaboration with Field Roast, an artisan plant-based meat and cheese brand that launched Plant-Based Pepperoni Pea Protein in 2021. Owned by Greenleaf Foods, SPC, Field Roast Products contain an ideal blend of vegetables, grains, legumes, fresh herbs and spices, resulting in mouth-watering plant-based foods that deliver bold taste and flavors across its product portfolio. A 2019 survey found that plant-based foods are now found in 53% of U.S. households, meaning the meat substitute public makes up more than half of households in the United States. United States.

“Our Field Roast ™ Plant-Based Pepperoni is a delicious, high-protein substitute for traditional pepperoni, delivering an authentic, bold taste that continues to impress consumers who have had the opportunity to enjoy it,” said Dan Curtin, president of Greenleaf Foods, SPC. “We are delighted to partner with Donatos to continue to improve the accessibility of this plant-based alternative to America’s favorite pizza topping. “

This offering brings additional diversity to the Donatos menu, which already includes baked submarines and wings, fresh salads and appetizers in addition to the brand’s flagship product – pizza. For added convenience, all menu items can be ordered online at or through the brand’s app and are available for both pickup and delivery.

About Donatos
Donatos presents the Edge to Edge® pizza created by Jim grote who founded Donatos in 1963. With 377 locations in 22 states, Donatos and its franchise partners operate 169 traditional restaurants in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Caroline from the south, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Donatos products are also proudly served at 208 non-traditional locations (197 locations with Red Robin, 10 sports and entertainment locations, and a REEF kitchen). For more information on Donatos, visit

About Greenleaf Foods, SPC
Greenleaf Foods, SPC, transforms plant-based protein with a wide range of delicious and innovative products that satisfy consumers interested in adding a variety of proteins to their diets. Our main brands include Lightlife® (“Lightlife”) and Field Roast ™ (“Field Roast”). Together, these brands are delighting longtime loyal fans and winning over new ones who never thought plant protein could taste so great. The Lightlife and Field Roast portfolios include nearly 50 products and represent a market leading position in the chilled vegetable protein category in the United States. Greenleaf Foods, SPC is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

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