Don’t panic, SouthCoast, this reduced dunkin ‘menu is just a test

Remember the emergency broadcast system test? He would say, “It’s a test … it’s alone a test. These were words that were meant to calm any fear, any panic that might have been caused by hearing that weird, piercing tone.

The exclusive purpose of this article is to accomplish the same around a new Dunkin ‘test menu. This flyer sort of ended up in the hands of a Fun 107 listener, who immediately panicked and called us.

It turns out that this is just a test.

The flyer shows a test menu that Dunkin ‘is rolling out in a handful of places in and around Rhode Island and the SouthCoast. According to the Dunkin ‘Optimized Menu Test, some items that would be phased out at participating stores include Jelly Donuts, Powdered Donuts, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Strawberry Coolattas, Dunkaccinos, and a few dozen of other articles.

The exact number of Dunkin ‘stores that will serve this new simplified menu is unknown, and the duration of the test is also unknown.

When it comes to Dunkin ‘, things like this tend to be tested in stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island because the world headquarters is in Canton, so that makes sense geographically. They are all independent franchisees. This general area is sometimes used as a test market for menu changes, or for some of the cool, time-limited products, such as the Halloween Spider Donut. New flavors imagined in Canton’s test cuisine will often be tested in this part of the country.

In summary, if you visit any of the local Dunkin ‘stores that use the optimized test menu, don’t worry, this is just a test and no major changes are planned at this time. .

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