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Whether served as a side or as a base for a dish – or even a sweet for breakfast or dessert – rice is among many beloved dishes around the world.

“From a Midwestern perspective, a lot of it is used as a filler,” food critic Jenny Vergara told guest host Brian Ellison on KCUR. Central standard.

“I think what sets a hero rice dish apart is something that absolutely makes rice the centerpiece,” she added.

Vergara, along with food critics Mary Bloch and Charles Ferruzza, researched the best rice dishes in and around Kansas City.

Here are their recommendations:

Jenny Vergara, Party magazine:

  • Sura eats – Bibimbap. Sura East is a new pop-up that hosts monthly dinners at the City Market. They serve a medium bibimbap topped with spinach, carrots, zucchini, pickled cucumber, cabbage, and a fried egg.
  • El Tenedor food truck – paella. Chef Carmen Cabia serves at least two kinds: a vegetarian and usually her Paella de Carnes (a paella for meat lovers with beef, pork, chicken and sausages).
  • Bob Wasabi’s Kitchen – spicy fish bowl. A generous bowl with sushi rice on the bottom, mixed with shredded lettuce and topped with a variety of fresh cubed fish, sliced ​​cucumber, sprouts, sesame seeds, a spoonful of fish roe orange ruffle and drizzled with Bob’s spicy chili sauce.
  • Bella napoli – Arancini di Giovanna. Typically served as an Italian appetizer, arancini is made from risotto rice which is usually stuffed with mozzarella cheese, covered in breadcrumbs and fried. Bella Napoli’s offers small pieces of beef, mozzarella and peas.
  • Port Fonda – Milk rice. A great version of rice pudding. It is composed of a hot horchata pudding, with all those comforting spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla made from almond milk, topped with macerated fresh and dried fruits.

Rice dish that’s on my list to try:

  • Füd – The wild. It’s described as a shiitake mushroom and wild rice burger on a whole wheat bun, with a special kind of sauce they call Thrillanaise.

Marie Bloch, Around the block:

  • The American – fried rice with crab. It is full of succulent pieces of king crab.
  • Bob Wasabi’s Kitchen – spicy fish bowl.
  • Bob Wasabi’s Kitchen – the TNT roll, which contains hamachi, tuna and salmon, and lightly fried, tempura style.
  • Port Fonda – arroz con pollo: roasted chicken thighs and Mexican fried rice, topped with a poached egg and a spicy sauce.
  • Sakae Sushi
  • The Bodega – Paella.
  • Carmen’s coffee – Paella.
  • Sobahn – Bibimbap. Rice, vegetables and beef, plus a gochujang sauce (a Korean chili and bean paste). Best garnished with a fried egg.
  • Korma Sutra – biriyani, an Indian rice dish that uses saffron. We like it with lamb or vegetables.
  • India Palace – biriyani

Charles Ferruzza, The independent:

  • Thai place – fried rice with basil. It is the best remedy for ailments of the upper respiratory tract. Fried rice prepared with fried egg, fresh Thai basil, peppers, jalapeños and onions. I order it Extra Hot.
  • Sobahn – Bibimbap. Steamed rice with cooked vegetables and, if desired, grilled meat often served in a white heated stone pot.
  • Story – wild mushroom risotto, prepared with a poached egg, pancetta, parmesan.
  • Swagat – biryani rice. A truly classic Indian dish (probably of Persian origin) with an exceptional blend of spices.

Recommendations from auditors:

  • Jerusalem Bakery – milk rice. I have the impression that they put rose water and maybe some vanilla in it. Since it’s refrigerated, it almost tastes like ice cream. It’s really good.
  • Ninfa – the rice is always very tasty, very moist and it does not fall off your fork when you pick it up.
  • Cafe Verona —The risotto with pesto, asparagus, tomatoes and giant prawns.
  • Bistro 913 – Hawaiian poke rice
  • that of Ophelia – roasted asparagus risotto and salmon steak. It is absolutely delicious.

Jen Chen is an associate producer for KCUR’s Central Standard. Contact her at [email protected]

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