I’m an Olive Garden Expert – The Secret Menu Every Customer Should Know to Liven Up Your Meal

THE menu options at Olive Garden aren’t as endless as Breadsticks, but they come pretty close, especially if you know how to request off-menu items at the restaurant.

With top secret hacks from the pros at Olive Garden, you can expand your choices within the channel.


Olive Garden is so much more than unlimited breadsticks – the menu has plenty of offeringsCredit: Alamy
You can tweak popular menu options to expand your choices, food experts say


You can tweak popular menu options to expand your choices, food experts sayCredit: Getty

Several menu hacks will further cement Olive Garden’s status as a family favorite, according to foodies at Tasting Table.

The tips, which range from “recipe tweaks to money-saving hacks,” are a great way to take advantage of the menu with dietary restrictions or get the best value.

One of the best ways to expand your palate when dining out is to enjoy sauces.

Try ordering a variety of side sauces to dip your breadsticks in (experts love mushroom sauce, but your favorite dressing could work too).

You can also thicken the restaurant’s classic minestrone by adding the mushroom sauce, making it a heartier soup perfect for fall.

Or, when ordering pasta, ask for half and half marinara and alfredo sauce.

If decisions are hard for you, Olive Garden is perfect for mixing and matching, especially when combining two of the most popular menu items.

“Rather than lock yourself into one dish, ask your server for the fettuccine Alfredo pasta dish with the Chicken Parmigiana on top,” the experts recommended.

They explained, “It’s just a little extra sauce so you don’t have to choose between the decadence of Alfredo sauce and the crisp, classic flavors of well-executed chicken parmesan.”

Or, instead of ordering Chicken Alfredo off the menu, ask for “Florentine Chicken Alfredo,” and your server will tell the kitchen to add spinach to the pasta.

Sautéed spinach “will introduce a touch of acidity that helps offset the creamy, cheesy quality of Olive Garden’s Alfredo Sauce,” the experts said.

“Just a little spinach can liven up the whole dish,” they recommended.

Olive Garden is famous for its pasta, so you can skip the restaurant altogether if you or a loved one are gluten sensitive.

Luckily, there’s a pasta option on the menu that’s made for any sauce or topping. Gluten-free rotini is made from brown rice flour and has a similar texture to other pastas.

“Ask for the gluten-free rotini pasta to be substituted in one of Olive Garden’s regular pasta dishes,” the experts said, “and you’ll never miss some of the most intricate and composed pasta entrees.”

Or, if you want to avoid pasta altogether, replace the noodles with vegetables.

You can order the chicken parmigiana on a bed of broccoli instead, or order grilled chicken with spinach or mushrooms for a tasty dinner without the heavy carbs.

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