Ina Garten’s Easter menu 2022


  • Ina Garten’s Easter menu includes five recipes.
  • Roasted vegetables and crackers are the starters and the lamb is the main course.
  • The dessert is coconut cupcakes.

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Leave it up to Ina Garten to figure out exactly what to serve for Easter. Someone who has created many Barefoot Contessa holiday menus over the years, it’s no surprise that Garten’s Easter menu has pride of place on his Barefoot Contessa website. The Garten’s selection is festive, with seasonal vegetables and classic Easter dishes.

Roasted asparagus and homemade crackers are starters on Ina Garten’s Easter menu

Parmesan-roasted asparagus is part of Garten’s Easter menu, but it’s also on her list of spring greens side dishes. Roast the asparagus with the barefoot countess the host’s beloved “good” olive oil and kosher salt and sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese on top for a simple appetizer.

Homemade crackers can seem a little extravagant, especially considering that Garten’s is known to say “store bought is fine” for certain items. However, its Stilton and Walnut Crackers are just sophisticated enough to add a little something extra to the holiday.

Featured on page 43 of her cookbook Barefoot Contessa, Is it easy?, Garten loves serving them at parties. “I make extra rolls of dough and freeze them unbaked so I can just thaw, slice and bake the crackers before the guests arrive,” she wrote. “Everyone loves it, there are never any leftovers!”

Garten’s Easter menu includes lamb as a main course

One of three Barefoot Contessa lamb recipes, Garten Rack of Lamb is a simple yet stunning main course. the Modern comfort food the author, who is preparing for the launch of another cookbook, prepares it using only six ingredients. The cooking process goes fast thanks to a food processor which the 74-year-old uses to make a paste.

Served with the lamb is a side dish Garten has made the most, orzo with roasted vegetables. Garten once called it an “all-in-one” that she serves year-round. Together, the lamb and orzo make for one of the best dishes she’s ever made on TV.

Barefoot Contessa Classic Coconut Cupcakes are for dessert

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Coconut cupcakes round out Garten’s Easter menu. The cooking show host was serving them at her store in the Hamptons. Now they are part of her original Barefoot Contessa recipes.

Garten’s coconut cupcakes are usually topped with vanilla frosting and shredded coconut. But, as seen on her website, she decorated them with marshmallow bunnies. Whatever their filling, cupcakes are a fun way to end any Easter meal.

Not up for Easter cupcakes? Garten has a similar coconut cake recipe.

Other Barefoot Contessa Easter Menu Suggestions

Garten’s Easter menu consists of just five recipes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other Barefoot Contessa dishes that would be perfect for Easter. Her other Easter menu choices, which can also be seen on her website page, include Carrot Cake with Ginger Mascarpone Glaze, a twist on the classic Carrot Cake, Baked Ham, Creamy Potatoes and Cheesecakes. peas.

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