Le Gourmet at Galeries Lafayette launches an exciting new menu

The new Gourmet menu at Galeries Lafayette adds a new and exciting dimension to Dubai’s enviable reputation for quality and variety in casual dining.

Made by seven exceptional chefs, it is specially designed for discerning palates and varied yet subtle in its allure. Each dish on the menu is prepared with great attention to detail and the assurance that only the finest ingredients are used to create a culinary journey around the world.

Gourmet’s live kitchens have already set their benchmarks for making cooking a memorable experience. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast Izu Bakery or a casual brunch at Izu Breweryexotic oriental indulgence at WowkTales and the sushi bar, each visit is unique for flavor, texture and the mastery of the team of chefs who have taken taste to a whole new level. And don’t miss Tandoonari, which is highly recommended for home Indian cooking.

The refreshed menu is sure to attract even more loyalty with great care taken to add a touch of charm and mystery to some of the new options.

Don’t miss the Asian bao platter at Wok Tales with its hoisin lacquered chicken, dynamite prawns, fried cauliflower or opt for the fire Thai red curries. The Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with a soba noodle salad is a great option for lunch or dinner.

Fusion gets a boost with a fun South Asian take on the Mexican taco at Tandoonari, available in three flavors: shrimp, chicken or vegetables. And don’t miss the Tandoori broccoli marinated in spicy ginger and served with a garlic-saffron yogurt, a starter or a perfectly balanced side dish.

Responding to the new additional fare, Mario Faria, catering manager at Le Gourmet, said the restaurant’s aim has always been to ensure that providing good food is not just a label but a destination. “We pride ourselves on innovation while maintaining uncompromising standards when it comes to sourcing the best and most authentic ingredients. At Le Gourmet we do not accept alternatives to the originals and that is why each dish on the menu testifies to perfection.

All produce is sourced locally to ensure freshness and flavor and all ingredients are made from scratch, from freshly baked breads and rolls to sauces and marinades.

Chef Sven Desales explains how the menu celebrates the old and the new. Traditional dishes passed down through the ages are true to their history, but studied experimentation to produce bespoke dishes has allowed Gourmet chefs to add a whole new spectrum to classic cuisine.

“The palates of our diners have evolved and the discovery of new edibles, flavors, sauces and garnishes in the modern era and the mixing and fusing of diverse global foods provides heightened excitement and allows for more experimentation. For us, it’s a fun challenge to give each guest the perfect dish, whether it’s a starter, entree or dessert.

From delicious cuisine to the artisan food market and the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of our dining room, The gourmet remains a small oasis in the heart of the Dubai Mall offering an unparalleled dining experience.

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