McDonald’s employee reveals the least ordered menu item

A McDonald’s employee has revealed what is the least popular item on their menu. Find out below:

Now, while some would probably expect salad to top the list of unpopular dishes, Stephen Stephen Patula says it’s tea.

Yes, Stephen, who works as an area supervisor in Waterford, Ohio, says he hasn’t seen a single person buy one since his family bought their franchise in July of this year.

In a video posted on his YouTube account, he says: “We bought these stores in July and I have yet to serve a single hot tea.”

Adding: “I actually didn’t even know we were selling hot tea until about a month ago.”

However, strangely, iced tea, Stephen says, is also the most popular item.

Credit: YouTube / @ patulafamilymcdonalds

Since posting the video, it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, with hundreds of comments on the post.

One user, who is also an employee at McDonald’s, wrote: “Exactly, someone asked for hot tea the other day and I had to ask where it was on the machine because I had no idea where it was. where it was or that we even sold it. “

“Well I know what I’m asking for the next time I’m there,” another joked.

But that’s not the only nugget of knowledge that Maccies staff have recently shared with the world.

Credit: TikTok / @ secretfitzz
Credit: TikTok / @ secretfitzz

TikToker @secretfitzz posted a video recently on the platform, having filmed in selfie mode wearing his McDonald’s uniform and his Drive-Thru helmet.

In the clip, she revealed that there is some tech workers are using it to help streamline controls, including a camera that takes a picture of the driver so they know whatwhich order belongs to which car.

She said: “The fact that people don’t know that we can hear your convos even when we are not talking to you while taking your order.

And we have a camera in the enclosure that takes a picture of you so we know whose the order is up to whom.

The TIC Tac user added: “Seeing pictures of random people made my day. “

And that seems like something a lot of other people were completely unaware of, with the video racking up over 857,000 views and 105,000 likes.

One person commented jokingly: “How can you hear our convos when you barely hear the command. “

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