Meat is back on the menu at Yeah! burger

Courtesy of Yeah! burger

A 10 year old Westside staple Yeah! burger regains part of its original identity. The sustainability-focused burger restaurant closed for renovations during the pandemic and reopened in November 2021 as an all-vegan restaurant. Although mostly vegan founder Erik Maier is a firm believer in the plant-based approach, the company’s profits plummeted and Maier and his team decided to compromise. So last weekend Yeah! Burger has quietly resumed its original menu of beef, bison and poultry, with the addition of vegan offerings.

“We had people coming in and saying, ‘Wait, there’s no meat here?’ They just turned around and left,” Maier says. “We underestimated the popularity and loyalty to the old menu.”

Thus, the return of the popular Build Your Own Burger section, as well as sides and salads like the Cobb. Diners can once again get their fix of burgers, chicken fillets, hot dogs, turkey burgers, in addition to Beyond Burgers, veggie burgers and vegetable sides.

“Ultimately, I have a responsibility to our employees, our investors and our stakeholders to run a profitable business,” Maier says.

Vegans, don’t worry: Yeah! Burger cooks separate meat from vegan products, using dedicated fryers and pans to avoid cross-contamination. Additionally, the restaurant continues to be 100% non-GMO.

Yeah!  Turkey burger
Yeah! Burger Turkey Burger

Photo courtesy of Yeah! burger

Yet when Yeah! Burger announced the change on his Instagram feed on March 1. He faced backlash: “Wow, that sucks. Once again a business is choosing money and profit over making an ethical choice,” said one user.

Maier respectfully disagrees.

“There aren’t many burger brands as sustainability-focused as we are yet. Our grass-fed and organic options are much more environmentally friendly than conventional factory-farmed products,” he says. “Even with animal products, I’m still proud of Yeah! Burgers. It was my first restaurant. »

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