New menu items at Skipper’s Canteen

Finding a good meal in Magic Kingdom presents many challenges. Counter service options offer very few good choices. Magic Kingdom’s most popular table service locations are very expensive, even for theme park dining. Despite the higher prices, the food quality of the three most wanted restaurant reservations is criticized for the quality of the food.

So what should one do for quality food when visiting Magic Kingdom? The best answer would be to take the monorail at one of the great food options at monorail stations. Of course, this may be inconvenient. I will experience this dilemma on a future trip. If so, I suggest a visit to Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen or “Skipper’s Canteen” for short.

If you are a fan of this place, I may have bad news. The restaurant with the most famous “secret menu” of all time (Brazilian cheese bread) has been telling customers for several weeks that the menu will change. The most widespread changes were to a popular menu item, Perkins Thai Noodles. This noodle dish offered guests a plant-based option.

Perkins Thai Noodles

Recently, the menu changed slightly at “Skipper Canteen”. Although the changes seem to only concern two elements. As someone who doesn’t eat a lot in Magic Kingdom, I may have missed an equity shift. However, Perkins Thai Noodles have disappeared from the menu. This eliminates one of the two herbal starter options here. Plant-based diners only have the “Vegetable Curry Crew Stew” in the entrees section of the menu now. Also, the “Senegali Sal’s Short Rib” has left the menu here.

These items were replaced with a different noodle dish and lamb chops. A dish that’s gaining popularity at Orlando-area theme parks, known as “Dan Dan Noodles,” is replacing “Perkins Thai Noodles.” A version of Dan Dan noodles began being sold in May at Confiscos Grille at Islands of Adventure. This menu item has acquired a status to become a permanent menu item now. In the Magic Kingdom, the noodles will be called “Skipper Dan’s Dan Dan Noodles”. I will enjoy asking my server to say that five times quickly on my next trip. These noodles cost $26. So the price of a noddle dish here has remained the same. Since this is “Skipper Canteen,” I hope a lot of corny Skipper Dan jokes get told. Hopefully this will turn into a visit to Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company.

The other new menu comes with a thematically appropriate name. Still, I doubt it will appeal to many people. I sometimes wonder who decides what sounds good about theme park marketing teams. Baa Baa lamb chops are $38. I’m going to follow the popularity of these as I think the name will scare people away. Of course, maybe the price will be too. The menu description reads: “Spiced-rubbed lamb chops, chermoula, cauliflower, potatoes, cipollini onions and harissa sauce, garnished with candied lemons and herbs.”

captain's canteen

If you were a Perkins Thai Noodles fan, I send my condolences. I know from customer reports that these noodles were popular. If you’re planning on dining at Skipper Canteen, I hope your favorite items still exist. If you choose a plant-based diet, your choices diminish. Still, the appetizer menu here offers a great plant-based option.

As always, eat your way!

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