Nightjar’s New Late Night Menu and Friday Movie Nights

This is the The Tucson experience you’ve been looking for.

Starting Friday, May 27 (tonight!), Nightjar is showing movies on the terrace starting at 10 p.m. The lineup is exactly what you would expect from owners. Sally Kane and Gregor Kretschmann – a carefully curated list of eclectic films that you probably haven’t seen, but absolutely must see if you consider yourself a human being capable of experiencing joy.

Photo by Janelle Gleeson

Do yourself a favor and go to their website right now and click on each movie to play the hilarious descriptions Gregor personally wrote about each film.

Here is the program :
  • Friday, May 27 – The Triplets of Belleville (2003)
  • Friday, June 3 – Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
  • Friday, June 10 – To Have and Not to Have (1944)
  • Friday, June 17 – LA History (1991)
  • Friday July 15 – Holes (2003)
  • Friday July 22 – DOA (1949)
  • Friday August 5 – Black Mask (1996)

Before we dig into the food, we need to talk about this patio.

Setting foot in the 160-year-old courtyard alone is worth the trip. Lush with happy palms and citrus, bright with fairy lights, and chilled with misters, it’s a vibe that photos can’t do justice. Shared with the Meyer Avenue Cafe, this patio is also one of my favorite places to work in the morning, with tons of shade, plenty of outlets, great WiFi, always a few dogs, and free coffee refills .


Photo by Tanner Fleming

OK – the food.

The Coronet’s late night menu is available until closing with favorites like the hot Marcona Rosemary Almonds, Marinated Deviled Eggs, Braised Rabbit Poutine, their universally beloved Butter lettuceCorner”salreadyGuinness meat pieand Tack Room Chocolate Mousse.

After that – and this is where it gets really interesting for the hungry Tucsonan who knows how limited their food options become after 9 p.m. – Nightjar now offers new late-late night specials:


Photo courtesy of L’Engoulevent

As you can see, their famous crown burger and French fries are back on the menu (now available with the impossible meat), and the ever-famous canned gourmet seafood and Thai mussels (+ tiger prawns for an extra charge) are also available until closing. Glasses of house wine are $6, craft beer $1, and house spirits $2.


The Coronet Burger at Nightjar (Photo by Janelle Gleeson)

And if you’re looking for complete ego dissolving on movie night, $8 will net you a bag of [POPPED] Artisan popcorn and one Special model.

A delicious burger and a cocktail after midnight in a somewhat casual and magical setting at the same time? Expect to meet food industry professionals and the Tucson Foodie team every Friday night this summer at Nightjar.

The Nightjar is located at 347 S. Meyer Ave. For more information on the movie menu and lineup, visit

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