Pizza Hut adds Beyond Meat vegan sausages to its menu

Pizza Hut’s pizzas get a makeover in Canada: the international pizza chain just announced it will expand its relationship with Beyond the meat add vegan sausage to its permanent menus in Canada. After a successful trial, the innovative new menu items are the company’s attempt to meet the growing base of flexitarian consumers in the country.

Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat’s new partnership aims to attract plant-curious customers by presenting them with a delicious meatless alternative. Pizza Hut will feature three new permanent pizzas, including The Great Beyond, Beyond Italian Sausage Alfredo Loaded Flatbread and Beyond Creamy Alfredo. While the meat substitutes featured are completely vegan, the cheeses and sauces always contain dairy.

“After seeing the excitement of Pizza Hut fans in Toronto and Edmonton this past summer, we are delighted to give Canadian fans everywhere the opportunity to try and fall in love with these Beyond Meat menu items.” , Head of Consumer Marketing for Pizza Hut Canada. said Amy Rozinsky. “Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat have a common vision to innovate new and exciting products that will delight our customers. Beyond Italian sausage, crumbles offer a delicious plant-based twist on our classic pork sausage that you’ll have to taste to believe it.

Companies first tested the new products in Toronto and Edmonton last year, and following widespread positive response, the new meatless pizza will remain a permanent menu item. Pizza Hut’s new plant-based proteins mark the company’s first attempt to reach the country’s growing flexitarian population.

In 2021, 9.84% of Canadians identify as flexitarians compared to 7.56% of vegetarians, according to Identity target markets. As the plant-based consumer market grows, Pizza Hut’s new meatless protein is designed to appeal to consumers hesitating between meat-based and plant-based diets.

“In terms of mass adoption of a plant-based diet, vegetarianism and veganism remain on the fringes of food preferences, although interest in plant-based diets has increased over the past 15 years,” notes the report. “Flexitarianism therefore offers an important area of ​​growth for manufacturers looking to attract new customers, as flexitarians tend to be less dogmatic about moral issues related to meat consumption. “

Beyond Meat’s partnership with Pizza Hut’s parent company, Yum! Brands continues to provide the fast food industry with more plant-based options. From McPlant to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Beyond is working to rethink some of North America’s classic restaurant chains. The latest partnership with Pizza Hut is the first step in recreating pizza for plant-based consumers. While cheese and alfredo sauces contain dairy, Beyond Sausage Crispers will give consumers the opportunity to try something new at a branded fast food restaurant.

The company also boasts that its vegan sausage has 20 grams of protein per serving. Pea Protein is a suitable source of protein for any consumer, ensuring consumers get a nutritious alternative to the company’s regular sausage fillings. The Beyond Sausage Crumbles will also be GMO, soy and gluten free.

“With the combined strength of our brands, we continue to increase the accessibility of plant-based proteins for Canadians around the world,” said Deanna Jurgens, Director of Growth, Beyond Meat. “At Beyond Meat, we believe that small changes like choosing plant-based protein on your favorite pizza can have a positive impact on human health and the health of our planet. “

To promote the new meatless pizzas, the Canadian branch Pizza Hut will be hosting its popular One bought one offered from January 10 to 30. Customers will be able to purchase pizzas with Beyond Sausage crispies at no additional cost when purchasing any other pizza, giving consumers the chance to try the new plant-based protein. After the initial deal, Pizza Hut will run its $ 5 to $ 5 offer, allowing people to buy one to three pizzas for just $ 5 with a regular-priced large pizza. The deal aims to encourage flexitarian pizza lovers to try the new plant-based protein at a reduced price. The deal will last six weeks from January 31.

Beyond’s plant-based pizza topping is the product of the food technology company’s long-standing partnership with Yum! Brands – the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Early last year, the two companies teamed up to create Beyond Meat products for fast food restaurants. As the plant-based fast food industry continues to grow, Beyond aims to steer the industry into the future. Prior to the launch of Pizza Hut, the company had previously worked with KFC and Taco Bell to create plant-based options, some of which had become permanent menu items in the United States.

“We are excited about the potential long-term vegetable protein menu items to attract more customers to our brands, especially younger consumers,” Yum! Brands CFO Chris Turner said last February.

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