Rice dishes: Your favorites in #CNNFoodChallenge

(CNN) – Last month we asked you for your favorite rice dish for our last #CNNFood Challenge and you answered.

Whether it’s a dish you’re ready to travel for or a national dish that will make travelers homesick, our readers around the world have shared their most beloved rice dishes with us via the social networks.

Here are some of our favorite answers.

Nasi lemak, national dish of Malaysia

Malaysian food blogger Yen, or Baby Sumo, says nasi lemak – her country’s national dish – is one of her favorite dishes.

Nasi lemak is made with rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, served with sambal, fried anchovies and peanuts.

Side dishes like fried eggs and meat are optional.

Burmese Red Pork Stew in Portland

Portland-based Instagrammer Pauline Chan Lewis makes us jealous by sharing a photo of her favorite rice dish – Burmese Red Pork Stew – from her neighborhood restaurant Tasty N Sons.

“Fortunately, I don’t have to travel far for my favorite rice dish,” Chan says.

Biriyani hole in the wall

Chennai Travel Blogger Madhu Shetty tweets her favorite rice spot in India.

“The Hole in the Wall Idris biriyani in Lucknow is hands down the best we’ve tasted,” says Shetty.

Idris Ki Biryani is a small restaurant famous for its biryani rice dish.

Organic rice experience

rice connoisseur Aïah Rivera tells CNN that she loves her organic, unpolished rice.

“I ate this meal in a cafe overlooking the mountains where the rice was harvested,” Rivera tweeted.

Singapore Hainan Chicken Rice

We asked our readers to tell us about a dish they would steal for and a Twitter user Esther kofod said she would fly to Singapore for the country’s most famous rice dish, Hainan Chicken Rice.

While the tender chicken and the spicy and salty condiment help make this dish so special, the chicken fat and rice in broth are arguably the most essential ingredients.

Heavenly Greek Spaakorizo

Megsy and Tommo share this spanakorizo ​​- a Greek vegetarian dish made with spinach and rice – on their Instagram account Food Fun Travel Rocks.

They also present us with one of the greatest culinary praises of the Greek language: “Boukia kai syghorio” – “one bite and all is forgiven”.

Say Megsy and Tommo, “It’s like a spinach risotto but Cretan style, with baby squid, clams and fennel. Everything is farm-to-table fresh in Salis in Chania – even the fresh goat cheese. mixed in the dish is made by the mom of one of the owners!

Comfort Food: Sticky Rice Pudding

Born in Taiwan and currently living in Montreal, Instagram foodie Eva wang says Taiwanese sticky rice pudding is one of her favorite dishes, especially when she craves comfort food on a cold day.

The southern style of the dish is a bowl of chewy sticky rice, topped with ground pork, fish bristle, and pickled cucumber.

It is always accompanied by si shen (four-spirits soup) soup, Wang says, which consists of pork small intestine and is flavored with four Chinese medicinal ingredients.

“It relieves the nervous feeling of eating too much fatty meat.”

Krispie Rice Rolls

If Twitter user Live less ordinary ends up founding a country with Rice Krispie buns as a national dish, we want to register as first citizens.

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