Rising supply costs force Clio Bakery to modify its menu

Everyone is being hit hard by the rising cost of basic necessities. From gas prices to groceries, there aren’t many that can avoid the pinch, including one of the area’s favorite bakeries.

The Brough Bakery in Clio makes the difficult decision to tweak its signature menu selection and turn things around after the price of crucial supplies, including fryer oil, has risen. Believe it or not, frying oil doesn’t come cheap, and it’s the main ingredient in the production of the bakery’s popular sweet treats. According to owner Gwen Brough, oil can cost around $300 a week. The result? A change in the menu.

After all these years, The Brough Bakery, founded in 2014, will no longer be serving these delicious donuts. The bakery announced that Saturday, August 13 will be the last day of donuts at the 70s-themed bakery.

“It was not an easy decision to make. However, the decisive factor was the rising costs – especially with frying oil. You have all come to know and love our fresh tasting donuts. done, in part, by changing our fryer oil out every week. With domestic supply chain issues, fryer oil is just one of many costs that have jumped for us. We will continue to cook the delicious breakfast cakes, cupcakes, pies and pastries that you all love. We just won’t have donuts.”

For customers, the news is a blow, but the bakery wants everyone to know that it’s not going anywhere, that it’s not closing, that it’s just changing a bit. This change means revamping the menu and offering new selections.

In addition to cakes and pies, The Brough Bakery will now offer deli items on the menu. Customers will be able to pre-order sandwiches and salads or even purchase Grab-n-Go items to enjoy.

Look for more information to come The Brough Bakery Facebook page. In the meantime, grab those donuts while you can!

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