Ruby Tuesday menu items ranked from worst to best

A regular burger is a great option when your palate craves that classic combo of meat, cheese, and bread. But stacking a burger with a bunch of awesome ingredients turns a great option into a near-perfect option. There are so many possible things you can put on a beef patty to turn it into a meal of epic proportions, and Ruby Tuesday is no slouch in this department: The Hot Mess Brisket Burger is the perfect example of a a truly epic meal.

If you’re assuming that any menu option with the word “mess” in its name will likely contain just about anything dropped into it, then your assumption is absolutely correct. This thing is a juggernaut, and even though it’s called a burger, it doesn’t actually have a high-end bun. It’s an open concoction designed for the hungriest customers. The base consists of a thick piece of Texan toast topped with a beef patty, sliced ​​brisket, crispy grilled onions, melted American cheese and smoked gouda cheese.

This burger is drizzled with a signature sauce, barbecue sauce and homemade ranch dressing. It’s messy, delicious, flavorful, and just about anything you want when you’re hungry. For a great Ruby Tuesday meal, just forget your manners and act like a hot mess for a night.

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