Seven Rice Dishes to Make When You Leak Out – From Australia’s Best Restaurants

Visit your local supermarket and the shelves that held packets of rice are virtually empty. We bought the stuff en masse. So, you probably have a pack or two in your pantry right now, but not a lot of inspiration for what to do with it. This is where some of the best Italian restaurants in the country come in – they’re going to help you turn that bag of cereal into a masterpiece. These recipes, by seven restaurants across Australia, vary in complexity and ingredients. One thing they all have in common? They are delicious.

Riso al Latte by Fratelli Paradiso

Sydney institution Fratelli Paradiso is renowned for its lunch and dinner dishes, but its breakfast is relatively unknown. It shouldn’t be. It has its own panetteria (bakery) and this creamy, slightly sweet dish has to be one of the best morning options in town. The recipe was adapted from a popular dessert in northern Italy, and chef Nigel Ward says it’s a “great way to have a nice, hearty breakfast – instead of porridge or something like that.” “. Like any good risotto, it’s all about stirring to achieve the perfect consistency. You’ve been making yourself vegemite on toast all week – indulge yourself.

Rosetta Ristorante Zucchini Risotto

“The perfect risotto needs to be started, cooked and served right away. Many restaurants actually need to pre-cook the risotto and then reheat it to keep up with serving. At home, you can cook some of the best risottos in the world if you do it right, ”says Neil Perry, founding chef of Rosetta in Melbourne and Sydney. This risotto is awesome. Although the recipe calls for zucchini, Perry says that in the fall it works just as well with a mix of your favorite mushrooms – say, shiitake, oyster, and Swiss brown. Just be sure to toast the rice well and stir in the broth slowly so that the rice “doesn’t drown and get too dry.”

TarraWarra Estate Tomato Risotto
If you have a bunch of tomatoes in your kitchen, this recipe from the famous Victorian vineyard TarraWarra might be good. This rich vegan dish lets red fruits and basil be the star, and it uses cashew butter instead of regular butter.

Lebanese rice pudding from Zaatar

Rice pudding is the food equivalent of a hug. This recipe, from Melbourne’s Zaatar, contains just five ingredients besides rice, including pistachio and cinnamon, the basis of many great Persian sweets. You’ll have it on the table in 20 minutes. Good for dessert, good for breakfast. Good for any time, really.

Venetian risotto with squid ink from Matteo
Visiting Venice right now might seem like a pipe dream, but if you close your eyes and drink a batch of squid ink risotto from Sydney chef Orazio D’Elia, you might feel like you’re dining on the waterfront. ‘a Venetian canal. The squid ink not only gives this dish its striking charcoal color, but also adds salinity and texture. This Matteo recipe may take a little while to complete, but if you don’t have the time to make it when you are isolating yourself, when will you?

Osteria di Russo & Russo Green Pea Risotto
Risotto is a big deal at this Sydney restaurant. For this recipe, you don’t need to keep stirring and stirring and like a lot of risottos, but Chef Jason Saxby stresses the importance of not overcooking the rice (and overcooking the rice). times). “Consistency at the end should be what the Italians call all’onda. It means ‘waves’, if you gently throw the dish away it should roll like a wave.

Risot-to with asparagus, peas and beans from Il Bacaro

This creamy, slightly al dente risotto is always on the menu at this Melbourne CBD mainstay. And we think it will become a must for you too. “It’s a little different – it’s not your standard porcini risotto,” says co-owner Joe Mammone. It’s heartwarming and satisfying, but not too heavy. Like a homemade meal by Nonna.

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