Seven traditional Indonesian rice dishes you should try

Home to a rich culinary culture, Indonesia offers many variations of rice dishes. Originating from different regions of the archipelago, here are some essentials.

Nasi jinggo

To opt for nasi jinggo is a way to save money if you travel to Bali, while enjoying delicious traditional food. Since each serving is very small, expect to eat several servings of this spicy dish at one time.

You can find nasi jinggo in Jakarta at Nasi Jinggo Thamrin.

Nasi jamblang

Named after an area called Jamblang in Cirebon, West Java, this dish is indeed one of the most popular traditional dishes in the region. It usually consists of several side dishes like salted fish, tofu, vegetables and lung.

You can find nasi jamblang in Jakarta at Nasi Jamblang Tulen.

Nasi liwet

Originally from Surakarta in central Java, nasi liwet maintains a good reputation in Jakarta as it is sometimes used to celebrate special occasions. The main feature of nasi liwet is the delicious combination of coconut milk, chicken broth and different spices.

You can find nasi liwet in Jakarta at Nasi Liwet Keprabon.

Nasi langgi

Also from Surakarta, nasi langgi is also popular among the Jakartans. Usually accompanied by side dishes like eggs and chicken, its spicy yet sweet taste has its own charm.

You can find nasi langgi in Jakarta at Nasi Langgi Mbok René.

Nasi tutug oncom

As the name suggests, nasi tutug oncom contains oncom (fermented soybean paste). It is easily found in cities of West Java like Tasikmalaya or Bandung. The savory taste of oncom adds a rich flavor to this dish.

You can find nasi tutug oncom in Jakarta at Nasi Tutug Oncom Pamulang.

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Nasi started

Tegal is not only famous for its warung tegal (warteg), which can be spotted all over Jakarta, but also native to the eastern region. nasi started, which is conveniently served by wrapping the rice in a banana leaf.

You can find nasi started in Jakarta at Sate Khas Senayan.

Nasi kucing

Despite its low price, nasi kucing don’t skimp on the flavor. Just like nasi jinggo, it comes in small portions, which may result in you eating five or six portions at one time.

You can find nasi kucing in Jakarta at Gerobak Betawi. (kes)

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