Slutty Vegan teams up with Beyond Meat for a never-before-seen menu option

In the words of DJ Khaled, “All I do is win, win, win, no matter what!”

Slutty Vegan CEO Aisha “Pinky” Cole is definitely a winner. Not only has she taken Atlanta by storm with her vegan food chain, but Cole recently said that she has a “really budding relationship” with Beyond Meat, a plant-based mega-corporation. Cole even announced that the relationship had given way to a menu option the chain had never offered before. “We just announced our soy-free options on our menu today, which is a big deal for us because we’ve never had soy-free options before.” Cole said.

This partnership isn’t just a big deal because Beyond Meat is a heavy hitter, but also because reality TV star and billionaire Kim Kardashian was recently announced as Beyond Meat’s “Chief Taste Consultant”. “So we’re in the Beyond Meat family with Kim Kardashian. We don’t see that as competition, we just see it as another way that we can partner with some really, really good people. said Cole.

With this latest secure collab, it doesn’t look like Cole is slowing down anytime soon – there’s currently five Slutty Vegan sites, and five more are under construction. “We’ve heard it before, [plant-based foods] is a billion dollar industry, and to be at the top of that food chain and serve plant-based burgers and fries and pies in a way we’ve never seen before is very exciting”, Cole said. I am convinced that Slutty Vegan will be a billion dollar brand in the next few years.

Eight years ago, Cole began her vegan journey and realized how few meat alternatives there were – so few that she used to eat chips with a side salad. “Seeing so many big companies bring plant-based options to the masses makes me feel good and it gives me options to be able to say, OK, I don’t have to eat rice cakes all day,” Cole said.

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