Starbucks puts vegan tuna on the menu

Starbucks kicks off 2022 with the launch of a vegan tuna sandwich.

The Limited Edition Tu’NAH Sandwich combines the vegetarian butcher’s plant-based ‘tuna flakes’ with red onion, cucumber, arugula, lemon, horseradish and vegan mayonnaise.

Starbucks also announced the addition of several new vegan dessert options, including a carrot cake, chocolate and caramel muffin, and pecan brownie, as well as three new flavored oat lattes, including two vegans and one container. of honey.

Vegan fish, oat lattes and price parity for Starbucks UK

The international coffee chain recently dropped its 40 pence surtax on plant-based milk options across the UK following pressure from advocacy groups such as Switch4Good and PETA. The company continues to charge for non-dairy options in the vast majority of its 33,800 stores, including in the United States

Vegan seafood was previously launched at Starbucks Hong Kong late last year in the form of OmniFoods crab cakes, served as part of a Thai-style salad topped with real fish sauce. The new Tu’NAH Sandwich is its first fully vegan fish-based menu item in the UK.

The new sandwich is just one of Vegetarian Butcher’s collaboration announcements for the New Year. The vegetarian meat brand has also created vegan pepperoni for Domino’s and vegetable nuggets for Burger King.

Plant ingredients and sustainability

As with all of the biggest fast food brands, Starbucks’ environmental impact is astronomical. According to FortuneIn 2018, the company emitted 16 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and used one billion cubic meters of water.

A large portion of Starbucks’ GHG emissions come from its addiction to cow’s milk and, to a lesser extent, its various meat, dairy, and other animal-based dishes. (Although in 2018 he was also responsible for a whopping 868 kilotons – twice the weight of the Empire State Building – of coffee cups and other trash.)

In recent years, the company has attempted to mitigate its considerable environmental impact by introducing measures such as a 5 pence royalty for single-use cups and has also continually expanded its menus to include dishes and ingredients based on it. of plants.

Starbucks and its fast food counterparts rely heavily on plant-based foods to reduce their significant footprint. Many combine meatless and dairy-free foods with animal ingredients to target flexitarians looking for low-impact fare rather than vegans.

However, the new Starbucks x Vegetarian Butcher Tuna Sandwich is 100 percent vegan. It’s available now for a limited time in all UK and Drive-Thrus stores nationwide and costs £ 3.29.

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