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Hello my Taste Traveler subscribers!

Lunch time!

We, three friends, recently chose Brunch House in Fulton, IL.

Owners Adim and Sanela Dzeladini have a delicious restaurant on Fourth Street. Their menu is extensive and daily specials are offered every seven days. From Sunday to Thursday it is breakfast and lunch only. No evening hours. But friday and saturday they are open till 8pm

Between the three of us for lunch, we ordered pancakes, a veggie omelette and a smothered ground beef. Every item was delicious, the food was hot, and the wait time was minimal. And of course the staff were excellent and the atmosphere was fun. We even helped sing happy birthday to another guest! So if you’re looking for a quick bite for lunch that’s a bit off the usual path, look no further. It’s the house brunch!

Fancy a cocktail with that?

Now, if what you’re after is a fun, family atmosphere that also happens to be a food and bar establishment, try Stouts located in Valley West Court in Clinton.

Open at 11 a.m. seven days a week, they serve a wide variety of food options, cocktails, and even sell merchandise. My absolute favorite menu item is Blarney Castle – capable of serving a small family from just one order of this best of the best fillets. This order comes with mashed potatoes and a side of corn. If you think I’m kidding about the size, try it on yourself!

Appetizers, mixed entrees and adult drink options – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Tell them the Traveler of Taste sent you!

Food advice

Our youngest food critic happens to have an extremely demanding palate. Yes, he is very picky. During this time of supply chain issues, there were certain items he only ate that could not be found. Rice Krispies cereal is one of them.

We searched all the grocery stores and they were all completely out. A friend suggested Dollar General and voila! There was the coveted cereal. We discovered this to be true a year ago when we were looking for honey and they came along. So my suggestion is simple. Try this channel if you’re at your wits end looking for a specific product. It may just be in plain sight!

Clinton Herald food columnist Jennifer Graf works tirelessly to find local dining establishments to avoid cooking. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she was concerned about small local restaurants. Finding their creativity to keep their doors open inspiring, she now offers Herald readers different dining options, which include all sorts of tastes and types, located just a short drive from their homes. His column is published every Saturday in the Herald.

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