The 10 best dishes on the menu at Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest restaurant

At Walt Disney World there are a number of high-quality restaurants that are inspired only by the culinary artists and food-centric scholars who develop their menus, atmospheres and identities within the theme park giant. However, that doesn’t stop Disney’s intellectual property from sneaking into some of the best restaurants in the four parks and the resorts that go with them.

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This is certainly the case with Be Our Guest, which claims the best table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Inspired by The beauty and the Beast? Yes of course. But the menu is full of options that would delight any traveling foodie, princess-prone or not.

ten Assortment of artisanal meats and cheeses

You can never go wrong with a charcuterie board. This platter of assorted meats and artisan cheeses is available throughout meals of the day, but it will appeal to the palette just above breakfast time.

Pleasant Ridge Chicken Rillettes and Cheddar are among the highlights of the platter. Either way, the platter works as a sharing on the table, but it can also serve as a meal for those who just love their meats and cheeses.

9 French onion soup

To be fair, there’s nothing about Be Our Guest’s French onion soup that reinvents the classic dish in particular. It’s just the fact that every once in a while Disney crushes a menu item by following its tradition exceptionally well.

This is the case here. Disney hasn’t created a whole new take on French onion soup. They just made the best possible version of it. Croutons, Gruyère, Provolone. The ingredients are essential, but the results are delicious.


8 Filet Mignon Center Cut

Moving on to the starter side of the Be Our Guest menu, the center-cut filet mignon is another upscale restaurant classic that Disney is making good use of.

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This mignon is accompanied by a cipollini marmalade and red wine frosting, which makes it even more special for the taste buds. And while it might not be a prime appetizer choice, it is clearly a quality choice if steak is a restaurant’s main meat preference.

seven Chicken Red Chicken

Lighter meats still tend to do well in theme park cuisine anyway, which is why red chicken is slightly above cute. Disney always manages to cook chicken dishes well, and red chicken is no exception.

Not to mention that it is served with seasonal vegetables and a delicious bread pudding. It might not be quite on par with Ohana’s bread pudding version, but it’s still the perfect side dish selection for a Disney order.

6 Vanilla cake with lemon cream

Of course, what would a menu in Fantasyland be without the emphasis on dessert? There is a much more desirable dessert to come, but the vanilla cake with lemon cream cannot be ignored either.

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The vanilla cake itself is rich and sumptuous with every bite. However, the vegetal and accessible nature of the dish is also encountered with additions of fresh fruit, including strawberries. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, which is a great place for a dinner garnish.

5 Maine lobster bisque

Back in soup and appetizer territory, Be Our Guest’s Maine Lobster Bisque is such a perfect way to start a meal that diners will be shocked to learn they’re not munching at Nubble Lighthouse in York, in Maine, New England.

Instead, this lobster bisque is freshly made in Orlando! A New England staple might not seem like a perfect translation of Central Florida foods, but Disney has always handled its seafood, especially lobster, with aplomb.

4 Salted pork tenderloin with herbs

Back in starter territory, Herbed Salted Pork Tenderloin is easily one of the best straight-meat-focused options for diners. Anchored in a pork jus-style pork belly with delicious veggies, this could be one of Disney’s best pork dishes.

The dish is also accompanied by candied pecans, which help to enhance the dish even more. Magic Kingdom nuts are great snacking opportunities, but pairing them with a pork dish makes for an unforgettable experience.

3 Spicy vegetables from Vadouvan

In recent years, Walt Disney World’s plant-based vegetarian options have improved so much that they have become more popular than the obvious meat selections. This is certainly the case with Be Our Guest’s spicy Vadouvan vegetables, which is one of the best starters on the menu.

The vegetables may be in season, but the dish is always affixed with a corn cake, along with coconut and pickled mustard accessories. It’s a healthy option, of course, but it’s also very delicious.

2 Gray stuff

Like the classic The beauty and the Beast The song explains when Lumière sings “Try the Gray Stuff”, it’s delicious. A restaurant named Be Our Guest has to pay homage to the song it came from and it does it beautifully by incorporating the gray substance into the white chocolate dessert.

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The gray matter itself is one of the most sought after desserts in Disney parks. This is the kind that fans will be eager to make their own take-home version! But the experience of a dish of cool gray stuff served in the Castle of the Beast is far from truly repeatable.

1 Seared scallops

While the gray matter may be Be Our Guest’s most famous dish, it’s not exactly the tastiest item on the menu. This honor belongs to one of the entrees: the pan-fried scallops.

Once again, Disney is great when it comes to preparing seafood. But this dish comes with aromas of apple and a seasonal risotto. It’s a three-for-three combination right there and it’s a perfect meal after a quick tour through Ariel’s story or a visit to Belle’s gift shop. It’s a delicious Disney dish.

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