The Murls Winners European Lunch menu is best served hot!

Murl’s winners lunch menu is best served hot!

These are the types of weeks the EBR is supposed to have. It was everything from taking an over in the first 16 minutes to burning the midnight oil for a 3rd period of 4 goals to take the over. This Friday lunch menu has filled the cravings of all hungry afternoon players to win 4-1 and 5-1. The European hockey community had an international break which made us hungry for a hippo on a 3 day fast. So, without further ado, sharpen the knives and let’s dig.

Aperitif: Tatarak: Commonly known as steak tartare, which is minced raw beef topped with a raw egg with a few elements on the sides to mix. The sides in Czech are very important for any dish and are diced onions, salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup. David Krejci loved Boston but wanted to go play at home for his family and this incredible starter had no influence on his decision.

11:30 am Est. Czech Extraliga – Bet: Olomouc 3-way -127

Soupe: Rassolnik: A traditional Russian hangover soup we all need today after sweeping the Thirsty Thursday Shots bets and faking all that Pink Whitney. The soup is made with vegetables, pickles, and veal kidneys which all help retain water and salt that are essential for hangovers.

11:30 am Est. KHL- Bet: CSKA 3-way -106

Main course: Spätzle: On my first team meal while playing in Germany I saw this side and thought it was mac and cheese !! Well, that turned out to be not quite true, but this dish is made by mixing milk, eggs and flour and the pieces came out in all possible irregular shapes. No lie, not the best dish I have ever eaten, but topped with a little gravy and you have a great base for a day of play or a day of drinking, so obviously I have it. ate every day!

1:30 p.m. Est. German DEL-Bet: Munchen Red Bulls Over 5.5 -155

Dessert: Carac: Carac is a traditional chocolate-filled tart topped with chocolate cream and green icing. This is one of the most common Swiss pastries and one that your child will point to when visiting the bakery after a day on the slopes because of its bright green color. Make sure you always have two, because all parents will also steal half!

2:45 p.m. EST. Swiss National League – Bet: Davos -1.5 -130

So now that we have eaten enough to get out of the restaurant and are paying the check with Barstool Sportsbook by depositing a bag of our winnings! Now let’s all go home for a nap because we need to be up and ready for the NHL slate. The grind continues with 2 sets later and EBR needs another boost. All gas no breaks !!

* Bet responsibly

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