The Truth About KFC’s New Menu Change

Many restaurants in western New York, whether local or chain, have made this adjustment to their menus. We can now add Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to the list.

The change officially debuted on Monday, January 10, as KFCs in western New York and nationwide adopted vegan offerings as part of a permanent eating option at their restaurant.

Vegan fillets are made with Beyond Meat, which means you now have another option to go with your vegetarian or vegan friends.

Kentucky Fried Chicken first tested its vegan “chicken” with Beyond Meat about three years ago, using a location in Atlanta, Georgia, for the test trial. A few more locations received the product in 2020, and now the company will be bringing the fried “chicken” (made from pea protein) to everyone!

Beyond Fried Chicken can be ordered in 6 or 12 pieces and made into a combination meal.

However, there is one thing people seem to forget to mention: depending on how serious you are or that of your friends, you won’t be able to eat this vegan substitute.

Since the product is brand new, KFC does not have a designated fryer for its vegan dishes, which means that although the chicken and fries recipes are completely vegan, the preparation cannot be guaranteed to be vegan due to cross-contamination of equipment with meat and animal products. .

KFC has always wanted to implement a product like this, and it looks like vegan products are on the rise in local restaurants and chain restaurants in western New York.

“From day one, the mission was simple: to make Kentucky’s famous fried chicken from plants,” said KFC US President Kevin Hochman. “Over two years later, we can say ‘mission accomplished’.

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