The Ultimate Vegan Summer Grill Menu

Summer is here, and we’re heading to our backyards and getting our barbecue going, the vegan way! Summer food, starry nights, social distancing hikes, here we come!

To get you started on your stature as a backyard chef extraordinaire, here are five tips for rocking the grill, followed by a barbecue menu that redefines comfort food and will satisfy everyone in your home.

Which grill should you use?

Choose the best grill for your needs. Large or portable; Charcoal, gas, electric, hybrid or stovetop, each grill has its pros and cons, its bells and whistles. Before you buy, be sure to shop around, learn about different types and brands, ask other grillers for advice, and most importantly, choose a grill that will make your life as tasty as possible.

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What tools will you need?

Get the right tools. With thousands to choose from, here are five accessories every serious marinated tempeh grill master should have.

  • Two pairs of tongs: one for moving and turning food, and one for picking up the hot grate and moving the coals
  • Skewers: 8 to 12 basic metal skewers to refuel with your summer dishes
  • Cooking grid: For preparing small vegetables or pieces of tofu, tempeh and seitan
  • Basting Brushes: For applying oils, marinades and sauces
  • Fireplace Igniter: Forgo chemical-laden lighter fluid with this cylindrical metal marvel. best fire extinguisher for your needs.)

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Don’t skip the prep

Grilling is a must. Before that first veggie burger, spicy seitan “wing” or asparagus tip goes up in flames, have everything you need on hand. This includes having prepared the ingredients, spices, marinades, and necessary utensils and equipment within range of the flame.

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Include new ingredients

Think outside the box (veggie burger). The grilling circuit’s newest superstars – tofu, tempeh and seitan – join the world of fiery marinades and sauces to take center stage in the biggest summer show on earth. With a marinade time of a few hours to overnight, bites from this trifecta easily earn their toasty stripes in about eight to 10 minutes (four to five minutes per side).

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Don’t forget the drinks

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again: Drinks are of the utmost importance for any summer grilling. When it comes to backyard parties, beer should always be on the A list. Have light and dark options in a to-go cooler nearby. Likewise, have some chilled white wine (in an ice bucket) and a bottle of red nearby. With the alcoholic bases covered, a pitcher of ice water and a round of specialty drinks are always in order for any barbecue fun.

Within those sparks and amidst that pleasant aroma, the grill is the gift that keeps on giving like an old familiar friend. It’s a place where time isn’t counted in minutes or months, but rather in burgers, corn on the cob and laughter.

Get ready for your power up with my barbecue menu:

Party Starter: Salsa alla Sizzle
Starter, side dish or light tapas: Dijon vegan macaroni salad
Main Course: Ancho Spice BBQ Burgers with Caramelized Onions
Dessert: Toasted S’mores with strawberries and bananas
Cocktails and Mocktails: Fiery Apple Ginger Beverage, Peach-Ginger Sangria, and Pina Colada Mocktails

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