The Westin’s Prego in Hyderabad has launched a few new additions to its menu

Prego from Westin

Want good Italian food? Head to Westin’s Prego – a modern, upscale hotel kitchen with a poolside patio serving the best of Italian classics, cocktails and wine. Keeping it simple yet classy, ​​the restaurant’s ambience and ambience will make you feel comfortable and enjoyable, whether you’re with friends, family, or on your own for some time to yourself. Live counters and brunch make this restaurant an even better place to kickstart your week.

Chef Siddharth Yelakanti served us menu staples that left us wanting more. We started with sourdough bread with the Prego dip – the soft bread goes really well with the sauce for how they complement each other. We then moved on to Greenery insalata, a salad made with a mixture of mesclun, grana padano and an orange and almond vinaigrette that is an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Then came the delicious minestrone genovese soup which is made with seasonal vegetables, Pesto.

The soup served as the perfect warmer this monsoon. Italian cuisine is incomplete without pizza and here the crowd favorite is made in a wood-fired oven – everything fits perfectly here – from the crust to the base to the toppings and seasoning. The Tartufo pizza comes with a base of bianca, mushrooms, parmesan, arugula and truffle oil. The best part is that instead of the usual red sauce spread, the pizza comes with a white sauce that kicks the flavor up a notch. Next is the chicken tortellini, which is a handmade pasta with mascarpone stuffed tortellini and mushroom stew. Their salmone al Forno is made with grilled salmon, seasonal vegetables and shallot cream sauce.

After a rich and hearty meal, a medium pot of tiramisu sets it all up. Prego’s Sunday Brunch offers customizable vegetarian and non-vegetarian spreads, salads and desserts – their live counters are a bonus for those struggling to make a final choice! So go crazy here for your next date with your loved ones.

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