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Southern favorite Zaxby’s is known for its crispy fried chicken fingers, signature sauce and ply-cut fries. While those staple items were still around for customer enjoyment, many fans came to love another shareable side that only graced the menu periodically.

Now that side is finally back – and this time it’s for good! Zaxby’s has just announced that the popular Fried Pickles have just arrived on the menu and will remain there.

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At Zaxby’s

“Fried pickles are a Southern staple that’s having a moment,” said Stephanie Gamble, vice president of menu innovation at Georgia-based Zaxby’s. “Our customers have always loved Zaxby’s crispy cornmeal dusted version paired with our creamy, fresh ranch dressing. It’s the perfect summer snack, and now we’ll have it all year round.”

Zaxby’s Fried Pickles are made from fresh slices of dill pickles, sprinkled with cornmeal batter, deep-fried and served with a buttermilk-herb ranch sauce. The accompaniment is a nod to the brand’s southern roots, where the aperitif was first invented.

Pickles debuted on the chain’s menu in 2016 and was a very successful addition. Despite their popularity, pickles were only removed from the menu for reappear in 2020 for three brief months before being retired again. A press release confirms that the item will now be a “permanent menu item in the future”, although it will only be available in certain locations.

Zaxby’s has also added a Signature Club Sandwich to its range of menus at the beginning of March. The Signature Club Sandwich offers a twist on the traditional Signature Sandwich, adding two slices of bacon and American cheese. The original sandwich features a breaded chicken breast fillet on a potato bun with a choice of Zax Sauce or Zax Hot Sauce.

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