Tomato Rice, Allahbadi Tehri and more: Make these easy and delicious rice dishes for lazy afternoons

We all know the feeling of being tired from all the morning housework and afternoon office work, maybe we don’t feel like cooking anything for lunch. And when that happens, we don’t feel like going into the kitchen to cook a good meal. But since we have to eat to keep going through the day, why not do something quick, easy, and delicious? Well if you are looking for such recipes then today we bring you some delicious one pot rice recipes that will give you maximum flavor with minimum effort. The best part about these dishes is that you won’t have to use tons of utensils, so skip the cleanup too!

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Here are 5 easy-to-prepare rice recipes | Easy rice recipes

1. Tomato rice:

One of the easiest and tastiest dishes is to make delicious tomato rice! Incorporated with the goodness of tomatoes, harsh spices and onions, this rice dish is best for those days when you want to make something quick and tasty. Click here for the full recipe.

This recipe is tasty

2. Curd rice:

Simple and indulgent is the best way to best describe the delicacies of curdled rice. Cooked with tempered urad dal, mustard seeds, peppers, cilantro leaves and steamed rice, this dish can be prepared in 15 minutes. See the full recipe here.


Try it for a simple recipe

3. Allahbadi Tehri

If you want to use up your leftover vegetables, then Allahbadi tehri is the rice dish for you! This dish from Awadhi cuisine mixes vegetables, rice and spices that will make your tongue tingle. Marked by its bright yellow color and its spices, find the complete recipe for this dish here.


Do it with leftover vegetables

4. Lemon rice:

This South Indian delight is a mood picker anytime. Lemon juice, curry leaves, turmeric, whole chili peppers and mustard seeds combine to create an exceptional dish that awakens your taste buds. Here is the full recipe.

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5. Coconut rice:

Fresh coconut, green chili peppers, peanuts, and mustard seeds are used in this simple rice recipe, making it the perfect combination of crunch and creaminess. One bite in this dish, and it will melt right in your mouth. For the full recipe, click here.


This dish has a creamy texture

Whip up these delicious rice recipes when you are having a lazy afternoon. Let us know in the comments below which one you liked the most!

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