Utopenci, Bortsch and Wiener Schnitzel: Murls Game Lunch Menu

Snack bar: Utopenci– Marinated smoked sausages found in pubs all over the Czech Republic. Throw them in a jar with mustard, onions, spices and whatever else you can find, then enjoy with your cold beer. For your information, Pilsner Urquell is by far the best Czech beer.

11:00 am Est. Extraliga- Ocelári Trinec ml -165

11:30 am Est. Extraliga- Vitkovice Steel 3-way -134

Aperitif: Kaalikääryleet– Cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat or vegetables served with a sauce. The Finns will be goaded in their saunas, run to a freezing lake, jump in, get out and then simulate those rollers.

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11:30 am Est. SM-Liiga- Pelicans 3-way -132

Soupe: Borscht– Beetroot soup with a bunch of steamed vegetables. Found at every KHL pre-game meal in Russia, I loved topping it with a scoop of sour cream. More information on Russian pre-match meals at a later date.

12:30 p.m. Est. KHL-SKA ml-106

Main course: Wiener Schnitzel– Breaded and fried veal cutlet served with a variety of potatoes. While I was at DEL in Nuremberg, we had a place that would turn their sausage schnitzel into an American veal parmesan for the pre-game and it was amazing. Wow, am I missing the pre-game meal chatting with the boys and eating like a jester without the guilt.

1:30 p.m. Est. DEL- Berlin Eisbaren 3-way -162

Dessert: Swiss chocolate– yes everyone knows Swiss chocolate, but it’s not a stereotype, it was amazing. While playing in the NLA, I had a superstition to eat a bar before every game, maybe it was for luck or maybe I just wanted the excuse.

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1:45 p.m. EST. National League – Biel 3-way -110

After lunch, drink: Come back later, there will be another one Spittin ‘Chiclets Boost and my other NHL players because we need to confirm starting goals, covid rosters, coach changes and all the other craziness going on in the league right now before we put our money on the line.

Go to Sportsbook bar stool and start your European action, it should be a 6/6 sweep of the board!

* Bet responsibly

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