VA’s Least Healthy Menu Item: Here’s Where to Find It

VIRGINIA – You might think a platter of country ham or barbecue would be the most unhealthy menu item in Virginia. You would be wrong.

According to Eat this, not that, the worst food choice in the state is Virginia’s Pork Belly Sub at Something different in Urbanne.

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“Virginia Something different fried nearly all of their food in beef tallow,” the food blog said. “The restaurant touts its ‘fine Neanderthal cuisine’ and proudly serves just one small green salad that comes in three sizes. The Pork Belly Sub sounds particularly decadent.”

The restaurant offers a variety of artery clogging options, including:

  • Pork belly sub: dry-rubbed, slow-smoked and finished on the grill, topped with marinated spinach, red onions and sweet BBQ sauce
  • Dan’s Famous Applechain: An all-beef hot dog nestled in our Snuggle Bun. Layered with Ann’s Apple Butter and Mustard
  • Southern Comfort: Pimento cheese, beef brisket, country ham and pickles grilled until golden brown
  • Hot Crab Brown: Open bun with turkey or crab and country ham topped with asiago mornay, topped with tomato and grilled until golden brown

See something different on the menu here.

The restaurant describes itself as follows: “Specializing in fine Neanderthal cuisine, Something Different is guaranteed to serve just that. Fresh, quality food, all made from scratch. From homemade bread rolls and subs, to roasted and peanut coffees, all are made daily and made to order.

“Offering a variety of pit-smoked meats, specialty sandwiches and sides, there are hearty options for almost everyone. We use beef tallow to ensure the best ‘fry’ possible, so alternatives are limited to simple green salads in three different sizes for vegetarians.”

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