What keyword to look for on the menu when ordering steak

Taste of home shares the surprising fact that most steakhouses offer Choice quality beef, but it’s the Prime you should be looking for. According to United States Department of Agriculture, beef is classified according to its quality and yield. Quality rates how tender, juicy, and flavorful the meat is; Yield assesses the meat to fat ratio. Premium beef comes from well-fed young cattle and contains complex marbling, which gives the beef its rich flavor.

Taste of home sites where only 4 to 5% of cattle are classified as Prime. This beef is served in high-end hotels and restaurants and is sold at a higher price than other grades of meat. According Clover Meadows Beefthere is a big difference in quality, taste and cost between all grades, and the prime number one rates.

Prime beef is the second most common name you’ll see stamped on a steakhouse menu. The US Department of Agriculture shares that this cut of beef is also high quality, but it doesn’t taste as rich and flavorful as Prime cuts. The flavor contrast results from the lack of marbling. According to Clover Meadows Beef, Prime beef ranks second after Prime, and it is the most widely available cut of beef.

Prime and Choice quality steaks are premium cuts of beef, and both are sure to satisfy the most serious steak cravings; However, the Prime beef is top notch. When dining at your favorite steakhouse, look for the word “Prime” next to your steak selection.

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