What’s on the menu at White Spot R+D Kitchen in Burnaby, BC?

Vancouver’s legendary local chain has upgraded with a new restaurant concept at Amazing Brentwood in Burnaby

Anyone with longstanding ties to Metro Vancouver likely has strong feelings one way or another about local restaurant chain White Spot. The decades-old family spot for burgers, fries, and other accessible fare is a trusted address for many — even famous people like Burnaby’s Michael Bublé.

And when it comes to Burnaby, locals probably also have strong feelings about all the dizzying and sprawling changes in Brentwood, as the once humble shopping center continues its evolution into the more epic development of Amazing Brentwood.

There is a sense of old and new inside the Brentwood food court. Renamed ‘Tables’, the space – still part of the old downtown structure – has been revamped with a sleek modern ‘food hall’ look and is populated with a mix of mall favorites and lively restaurants.

Among the options is a brand new restaurant and bar with single-table service, though it will also strike a familiarity chord with diners.

It is the house of R+D kitchenWhite Spot’s new “test kitchen” restaurant, offering a hybrid of invention and comfort in a venue that, in many ways, strongly characterizes both.

You can easily see R+D Kitchen as White Spot’s reach for a slice of the “casual gourmet pie” Metro Vancouver diners love (think Joey’s, Cactus Club, Earls), but it’s more of a concept of bridge that allows the restaurant to showcase different flavors and creations while ensuring their absolute favorites are always available.

What makes the R+D Kitchen menu different from a classic White Spot?

The exclusive R+D – which, as you might have guessed, stands for “research and development” – dishes are marked on the menu with a special journal and, as the waiters will point out, could end up in future White Spot menus, or their time may be fleeting.

Many R+D-only dishes are fueled by bolder ingredient choices, like the sweet-hot gojuchang dunk that a huge piece of crispy fried chicken gets before landing between two buns with salad. cabbage (not the traditional thick white coleslaw but more finely shredded coleslaw) and mayonnaise. There are also more spices to try in entrees like R+D’s Roasted Garlic and Habañero Chicken Drums, Vegan Chipotle Bites, and salads like Ancient Grains and Greens with Cabbage. roasted flower with harissa.

Another salad bends White Spot’s usual casual mode thanks to its presentation: it’s an uncut lobe of romaine with parm shavings, grilled chipotle mango jumbo shrimp and roasted poblano Caesar dressing. The riff on a shrimp Caesar salad comes with cornbread croutons, which are a little sweeter than the expected baked bread cubes you’ll find in the basic iteration of the salad.

R+D also offers an impressive range of burgers and the like, many of which will be familiar to White Spot fans, as well as a selection of juicy, rich burgers made with wagyu beef and more upscale toppings like onion to the mustard. candied cheese and black truffle. There are also several pizza and pasta options, and a kids’ menu — though here there are no cardboard Pirate Paks for the little ones.

There are also main dishes, such as Arctic char with a beautifully crispy skin paired with roasted vegetables served with a basil Hollandaise sauce.

Be sure to save room for dessert, as this is a category where it comes to exclusive options, like a very grown-up and refreshing duo of scoops of ice cream topped with a dipping sauce. craving-worthy pineapple and mint, or a gooey s’mores-inspired brownie that’s sure to please the kids and the kids at heart.

Can you still get classic White Spot menu items?

Looking for comforting classics from the regular Spot menu? What you can count on at R+D are White Spot must-haves, like their fries, coleslaw, Triple-O sauce, and legendary burgers (but alas, no Zoo sticks).

Additional R+D offerings include a beverage menu featuring seasonally inspired craft cocktails, zero-proof libations made with fresh ingredients, and draft beers. Daily Happy Hour food and drink specials are available from 2-5 p.m. and 8 p.m. until late, while on weekends the brunch menu is offered until 3 p.m. For those looking for a quick fix in the Tables food court, R+D Kitchen also operates a quick service counter window.

As Amazing Brentwood continues to fill with branches of beloved local restaurants and other retailers, it’s clear that this is a gathering place that truly creates a welcome environment for a large familiar player like White Spot takes it to the next level and experiments, with often delicious results. .

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