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May 26, 2022

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It’s been two years since chef Brad Herr had four consecutive days off – until now.

On his way to see his family – and enjoy a fine meal – in Las Vegas, the executive chef of Minervas in downtown Sioux Falls knew it was time for a break and his team was ready to step in with a bang. new and fun way.

“A lot of the features that come out of Minervas are the ones that I developed,” he said. “And in the kitchen, our chefs were always talking about culinary ideas, and while it’s hard for me to let go of control, with the amount of talent we have in our team, it has to happen.”

So he brought the chefs together and delivered a message: “Prepare a menu, do what you want, have fun and go a little against the grain.”

The team immediately began working on their featured menu. Pantry chef Jordan Klein was tasked with sourcing ingredients and going local as much as possible.

“I started digging through my local and regional suppliers to find all of these ingredients and bring them in so they could play around and create the dishes and see what we could do,” he said. “Eggs, tuna, greens and edible flowers are all sourced locally.”

“And the result is magnificent,” added Herr. “I have a classic French background and they brought out dishes that used different herbs and flavors.”

Here’s a look inside the kitchen on the menu, which begins Friday and lasts until ingredients run out or customer demand suggests it should continue.

The appetizer dish: Vodka tuna

Sous Chef JD Willis has been part of the Minervas team for a few months and has years of experience in the area’s food scene.

For an appetizer, he wanted to create something with tuna but go another direction.

“No sesame crust because you see that everywhere,” he said. “So I did some research and found a flavor profile that I really liked and tried it – encrusted with wasabi peas. I did a little something spicy then added the gingers and orange zest for a little sweetness with roasted radish puree.

The vodka tuna dish is finished with a spicy plum sauce.

Starter: Jerk Chicken

This dish, created by stir-fry chef Keone Hart, is the perfect side dish to accompany you from spring through summer.

“Keone recently won Cleaver’s Chef Challenge, and he’s got the touch and is just plain smart,” Herr said. “He can put together spice blends from smell alone, and that’s just a talent.”

The jerk marinated chicken dish includes mango salsa and a unique plantain puree.

“The mash incorporates the fruit with the summer and the season, and that’s what I love the most,” Herr said. “He’s still smart, but he’s complex, making sure all those things work together. Putting bananas in mashed potatoes is fun, it goes against the grain and I like the borderless approach .

The dessert: Creme da Limon

Pastry chef McKenna Geringer is just three weeks into her new role at Minervas and is already making a statement in the kitchen.

The 21-year-old recent Mitchell Tech graduate grew up in Brandon and first studied biomechanical engineering before realizing her heart was baking.

“I just wanted to be in the kitchen all the time,” she said. “And I like it.”

When Minervas was looking to hire, “there were all these great chefs there, but we kept hearing his name,” Herr said. “We met her at a few competitions, and you could see that willingness to work.”

Her dish is a short pastry tart with lemon curd, lemonade aspic and candied lemons, garnished with apple honey blossoms and lucky plum sorrel leaves.

“We wanted something lemony and a pie, so I went for the short pastry crust because I don’t like pie crust,” she said. “It’s not as flaky, it’s more on the cookie side, and then I added the lemon custard and gelatin on top.”

The result “is really good,” Herr said. “We think customers will love this menu and will love learning more about the chefs who created it. If it becomes super popular, we’ll keep it running.

Want to be sure you can try the menu? Make your Minervas reservation through opentable.com.

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