Woman confuses menu prices with calories after ‘wealthy friend’ invites her to dinner

A woman couldn’t believe her eyes when her ‘rich friend’ invited her to a birthday dinner.

TikTok user Janae stepped out last week for her boyfriend’s big day, but she wasn’t prepared for how late it would delay her.

In a video posted from the restaurant, she reviews the menu prices, before saying, “I thought it was the number of calories in the meal.”

The menu starts with 6oz tenderloin steaks priced at $43 (£35), with seared king salmon costing $38 (£31) and a pork chop costing you $37 (£30).

Of course, these meals wouldn’t be nearly as nutritious if these numbers represented the amount of calories in each dish, but I think we can all relate to Janae’s point of view: hanging out anywhere with slightly better-off friends than you can be extremely scary. .

What one person considers “reasonable”, another considers an imminent threat of bankruptcy.

Obviously, many viewers could relate to Janae’s predicament, and the video has been viewed almost four million times.

Janae thought the prices were the number of calories at first glance. Credit: TikTok/@janae_69

Commenting on the clip, one person wrote, “I would have backed off the LMFAO table.”

Another said, “Waiter: Can I take your order? Me: Oh, I’ll just have a small salad, a glass of water and 3 slices of lemon…I’m on a diet.”

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A third added: “you ALWAYS check the menu when you get the invite.”

The menu also has an “accessories” section, which many people say should have been an immediate red flag for Janae.

One person wrote, “Why do they say props are what happened to appetizers?”

Another added: ‘Any restaurant that calls sides ‘props’ is not in my tax bracket’, while a third joked: ‘Baby, I only order props.’

Like many, she was shocked by the prices.  Credit: TikTok/@janae_69
Like many, she was shocked by the prices. Credit: TikTok/@janae_69

There were also a lot of people who felt the need to let everyone know that they thought the food wasn’t even that expensive; essentially showing that they have more money than the likes of Janae.

She addressed those people in a follow-up video, in which she said, “Baby if I say it’s too expensive for me, it’s too expensive.

“I don’t care if you can afford a $90 or $100 steak.”

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